Freezing Berries

For the past couple days, we have eagerly been walking around picking all the black raspberries that we can get our hands on.  Back in the beginning of Spring, we noticed that a section of our property is loaded with wild raspberry and blackberry bushes.  We even have golden raspberry bushes, or yellow raspberries…Honestly I had no idea there was such a thing!  After dinner, the boys grab a bowl and we load Sis up in our little backpack carrier and head out on a walk.  It’s funny because Matt will be carrying Sis and when ever he bends over to pick some berries, her little hand will reach over his shoulder and open and close until she gets one. 🙂  She’s been trained well.

WP_20150613_004Freezing is probably one of my favorite ways to preserve food with no other reason than it’s fast and easy.  When dealing with an abundance of fruit, this comes in handy.  Not only that, but freezing foods allows the color, flavor and nutritional qualities to stay better than with other food preservation methods.  Come Winter time, it’ll be like you just picked the berries that morning.

In two days we have picked about 4 cups of berries, and probably ate just as much.  The first thing we do is bring in the berries and wash them in cold water.

WP_20150613_005Next you want to spread the berries out in an even layer on a cooking sheet.

WP_20150613_007Place in freezer.  We usually do this at night and let them sit overnight, but basically you just want to do this until they are frozen.  By laying them flat to freeze, they are able to freeze individually instead of in a clump together.

WP_20150613_009When frozen, take the tray out and remove berries and seal in freezer bags.  Voila!  Done!  What I like most about this is that you can use a gallon size freezer bag and if you only need a cup of berries for a recipe, just scoop it out!  Since they are frozen individually, you can freeze and then measure later.

WP_20150614_004As we continue to collect as many berries as possible, we plan on making raspberry crisps, raspberry jam, yogurt with raspberries, and for Matt – raspberry pancakes.  What other ideas can we use these raspberries?…or even blackberries?


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  1. My kids have been all about smoothies and popsicles with the fruit we’ve been freezing. We also love to make fruited applesauce (strawberry applesauce is my favorite.) And I try to save enough frozen berries to put into baked oatmeal during the winter.

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