Finally Poured That Floor!

WP_20150523_001Another job we knocked out waiting to pour the floor was to cut the door that would lead into our basement addition.  To do this we had to cut a door thru the block and then knock the blocks out.  This was definitely a job I pictured being alot worse than what it was.  I imagined mud, dust and debris EVERYWHERE – like all over the living room and covering everything IN our living room.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous.  But they did great job keeping the mess contained.


They made a tarp tent inside to keep the dust down.
They made a tarp tent inside to keep the dust down.

IMG_0900(1)Another big job done!  Over the weekend, we were very fortunate to have beautiful weather!  It was hot but more importantly, it was dry.  We scheduled a delivery for the cement to come in 10am Saturday.  We were lucky to have the turnout that we did – a crew of 7 people all came out to help pour our basement floor.  This project was the first time I’d seen someone pour a floor.  It’s very exciting to watch – there’s a chaotic sense of order during the whole thing.  It’s just a neat thing to watch…

DSCF5961 DSCF5964 DSCF5966 DSCF5967We rented a power trowel from the hardware store which is a piece of equipment that allows you to apply a smooth almost ‘polished’ finish to your slab of concrete.  The trick now was getting the power trowel from the trailer to the basement…

WP_20150606_002Heck yea!  We got this, haha.  Nothing a tractor and some chains couldn’t handle.  Got it down to the worksite no problem.  With the basement floor finally in, we were able to finish blocking the back wall and a retaining wall under the deck.
DSCF5968 WP_20150609_002This week we will be moving waterlines, waterproofing, and framing to prepare for this weekend where we hope to start building the floor for the upstairs.  It’s only up from here!


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