Basement is ALMOST Done!

If there is one thing that is a tad bit annoying while building, it’s building in the Spring… working around the weather.  Right now on finishing up this basement portion of our addition, we are only able to really work on the weekends.  So of course, it’s bright and sunny Monday thru Friday and then thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday.  So when there’s a break in the weather and we finally get that nice sunshine – we’re on it!  This past month has kind of been like that.  Start work early, eat lunch during a rain shower, then back to work when it clears.  It’s been busy but we have been so fortunate throughout this project so far with family and friends lending us their help along the way.  Hopefully the provided beer and lunches help out 🙂  Truthfully, we could not do it without them.  So to those who have been spending your weekends here at our home (Dads, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, Neighbors and Friends) …Thank You so much.  You and your work are greatly appreciated.

A few weeks ago we began blocking the basement.  The guys did a great job – in 2 weekends we were almost back on schedule.

WP_20150516_003 WP_20150516_008 WP_20150516_015 WP_20150517_002 WP_20150517_003 WP_20150520_001 It was Memorial weekend then and because of the holiday weekend, we were unable to pour the floor.  With plans to pour the following weekend, we were once again derailed because – you guessed it – it rained… again.  So with more time to wait and no more time to waste, work was switched to a new task.  Framing.  A delivery from Menards and Lowes later, we were ready to start.

Now our home has a back deck that overlooks the yard.  It doesn’t lead down to the ground or anything, it’s just a deck.  Well we originally planned to expand the deck across to the new addition later, but decided to go ahead and build it now.  Reason?  A safety precaution.  Nobody wants to talk about the risks involved in construction but it’s a reality, it’s there.  The reason we decided to build the deck now is for when we are building the roof – if someone were to fall, your chances of surviving a fall to the deck would be greatly better than a fall to the ground.  Kind of puts knots in my belly thinking like that but again – reality check.  So really there was no other option… the deck was going in now.

WP_20150530_002 WP_20150530_001 WP_20150530_004 DSCF5959

They finished the deck in the rain and managed to beef up the existing deck in the process making it more sturdy.  The pictures don’t do it justice because it looks awesome.

DSCF5960 And now we wait for the concrete!


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