Settling In

Before physically moving into our new home, there were a few “must get done” items on our list. 1) fixing a leak in the laundry room, and 2) painting.  I know it doesn’t sound like alot, but both were things that take time.  Luckily, Matt and I are probably the world’s BEST tag team partners! For almost 2 weeks our days went like this:

The kids and I would go the new house and work first thing in the morning.  Come home for lunch and naps.  Matt would come home from work, change, and head to the new house and work. Kids and I would bring dinner to Matt at new house so we could eat together. I’d take kids back home for bed. Matt comes home around 9PM and I’d leave to go paint till midnight – 1AM.  Then do it all again the next day.

It was alot of Hi and Bye, but we made it work.  In two weeks we painted the whole house and finished little things here and there.

About a month ago on my husband’s birthday – we moved in.  Alot has been happening since then so I’ll break it up in a couple different posts.  In that first week, I managed to unpack everything that didn’t involve the new addition.  We are finally starting to settle in.  The kids have adjusted better than I could ask for being 5,3, and 1 years old.  With our bedroom not build yet, Matt and I have been sleeping in our living room…which is also being used as a storage room for the boxes and tools for the addition.  A catch-all if you will.  It’s not ideal but it works.

Because of all the rain we are off to an extremely slow start – we’ve been pushed back a month.  But now the weather is starting to cooperate and we are starting to show a little progress on our addition.  After going thru a few hiccups regarding our septic’s finger system, we rented another mini excavator and Matt dug a long trench thru the yard to help with drainage.  We made and poured our footer about 2 weeks ago which was HUGE!  No longer do we have a hole in the ground.  Oh no!  Now we have a hole in the ground full of concrete! 🙂

WP_20150502_001DSCF5940 DSCF5943 DSCF5944

We had our block, sand, mortar all delivered last week and managed to block a little over the weekend.

WP_20150507_001 WP_20150507_004

DSCF5950 DSCF5951 DSCF5952 DSCF5953In addition to the house, we’ve been doing some work on the pond as well.  Last week we had some minnows, 6 bass, and about 10 grass carp added to the pond.  The boys thought it was cool seeing the fish and hilarious when they would splash them in the buckets.  When the truck pulled up in the driveway, our 3yr old asked if there was a whale in there.  When we told him no and that there was just fish, he looked up and asked if we could eat them.  Matter of fact, every fish we catch he asks if we can eat it.  What can I say… the boy loves fish!

WP_20150506_003But it’s a good feeling to see things coming together.  Hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate and we can get this addition under roof soon.  We have a big blocking day scheduled for this weekend weather permitting.  Oh, and did I mention we put in a garden??  Yes, I will leave that for another post. 🙂


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