At It Again!

So for the past two months, I’ve been doing anything and everything to keep myself from thinking about selling our home and purchasing our new home.  I figured if I didn’t talk about it, or think about it, that time would go faster and not seem like eternity.  I focused on packing and yes, crochet.  But I’m happy to say that two weeks ago, we sold our house! Whooo!  And then turned around and bought our new home 5 days ago!  Time has officially entered high speed!

SoldHouseI guess I should tell a little about the house – Ironically, the new house is only 5 minutes from our old house.  I wasn’t kidding when I said we love the area.  The new house is almost 100 years NEWER than our last house which is an upgrade in itself.  I laugh cause I called my Mom to tell her we had drywall!  So excited! (It’s the little things).  The house sits on about 30 Acres with about 1 acre pond.  The house is currently a two bedroom, 1 bath home, but we are making an addition that will add on two more bedrooms, a hunting room for Matt, and another bathroom.  Found out we have fruit trees on the property which is super exciting.  I was a little bummed to be leaving our newly planted fruit trees to start over again.  But they appear to be apple, pears, and persimmon trees.  They need pruned – which I did as much as I could holding an 11 month old – so we’ll just have to wait and see if they yield any fruit this year.

But we closed and gained possession of our new home last Wednesday.  On that Friday, Matt had ripped out the laundry room flooring and had an excavator out there and expanded our pond 600-800 square feet.  On Saturday we dug the basement for our addition that we’re adding on.  In the remaining three days, we ripped out paneling, hung drywall, fixed leaks, started painting…. needless to say, we have been busy!

V__F899WP_20150404_004WP_20150404_006The kids and I took a break last weekend and enjoyed Easter at my parents house.  The break was short, but well used.  The kids had a blast finding eggs and spending the day with their cousins.  It was also probably the longest I sat down in awhile, haha.

Matt, with the help of family, built a porch swing and we got it hung up the other day.  I stained it an Antique Walnut color (I love that color) and it may be one of the best seats in the house 🙂

We have alot of work ahead of us.  We’d like to start moving in about 2 weeks but we’ll just have to see how things go.  Plan on getting all the painting done this week since the forecast calls for rain.  This weekend is supposed to be nice so the guys will be hard at work on the addition.  Once that basement portion is done, it should go pretty fast.  I just hope the rain lets up so that we CAN work.

So there you have it – The madness has begun again!



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