Crochet Works #4

I kind of fell behind on my crochet posts so this will be one GIANT MEGA post!  Don’t worry, with the holidays I didn’t really have alot of time to crochet.  But this is what I’ve been working on for the past 4 months!  I finished up the remaining scarves I made for my nieces for Christmas, along with my first attempt at gloves for my Mother-In-Law.  As daunting as gloves were, it actually wasn’t that bad.  They look a little strange laying on the table, but they look great when you have them on.  They worked up rather quickly and I would be happy to make another pair.

One thing I try to do every month is to try something new – a new stitch or pattern.  I’m proud to say that I have been doing just that!  The hat is one that I am especially proud of – it was my first attempt at working a hat from the brim up to the crown, and also adding a braid which looks really complex, but is very simple to do.  I used bulky yarn, which I need to make a mental note not to do again, because I have really thick hair so wearing a hat made of bulky yarn is almost too hot!  I love the look of it though!  This week I’ve been  finishing the planning stages of yet ANOTHER girl baby blanket (so many babies coming!) and then hope to find time to try out my Christmas present…

WP_20150118_006For Christmas I received a card set by Harmony Series: 101 Stitches to Crochet.  It’s super cool as each card has a picture of the stitch on one side, and the instructions on how to do it on the backside.  The cards are about 5×7 which is big enough to read with ease, and small enough to stick in your purse or bag and take with you on the go.  I believe they have a card set for knitting as well, FYI.

WP_20150118_007Aside from this upcoming baby blanket I’ll be working on, my little projects will be slowing down to almost a stand still for a bit while we move.  My yarn was the first thing I packed up so I wouldn’t be tempted to start a bunch of projects.  One less thing to worry about getting lost or ruined in the move.  And maybe keep me focused on packing!

FINISHED: Scarf for my Sister
FINISHED: Scarf for my Sister
FINISHED: Scarf for my Niece
FINISHED: Scarf for my Niece
FINISHED: Beanie for Me!
FINISHED: Beanie for Me!
FINISHED: Gloves for Mother-in-Law
FINISHED: Gloves for Mother-in-Law
Finished: Blanket for my Great Niece
Finished: Blanket for my Niece

My newest Niece is due in May so I have some time to get my last baby blanket done.  I started on it last night and I’m thinking it’s going to look really cute.  I’m trying something new in this one – text!  Yup, I’m going to attempt to crochet the baby’s name on it… wish me luck!!


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