Close Enough To Touch

Well the pending house made it thru inspections last week bringing us one step closer to moving.  With the appraisal ordered for Wednesday, everything is moving right along.  Matt was able to get over there and take measurements for the new addition and has the whole room drawn out and materials list made.  We even got a guy out there to give a quote on digging as quite a bit of dirt will need to be moved before we start laying block.  Things are moving along at what feels like a snail’s pace…but it’s going.

Matt met with our neighbor last week to discuss closing and although no date has been said, it’s looking to be the end of March sometime.  Our goal is to close on both houses on the same day.  That would be best case scenario.  We gain possession of the new house at closing and would plan to start digging the following day.  My biggest fear is the Spring rains.  I hope it will hold off till we get under roof.

boxesSo with moving date roughly 6 weeks away, I have engrossed myself into a packing machine.  Our living room is beginning to resemble that of a warehouse and our kitchen countertop that of a garage sale table.  Piles everywhere but it’s getting done.  I’m proud to say that over half the house is packed up in boxes.  Only the stuff we are using is out, or in unsealed boxes.  The boys are excited to move.  We took them on the second trip to see the new house and they both really liked it.  I get asked everyday when we can go to the new house.  They have even been helping me pack by writing on the boxes.  Our oldest will write the room name on the box, while our 2nd will draw what few letters he knows and robots on the boxes.

robotI will say this move is going alot smoother than our last move 3 years ago!  Oh my, that one was a disaster.  Allow me to paint you a picture on that one… At this time we had two kids: a 2yr old and a 5mo old.  I underestimated the time needed to pack so when my family showed up on moving day, we weren’t all packed.  So because of this, we decided to just get the furniture and appliances.  It was February and as I moved my Dad’s truck to the back door, I got it stuck in mud/snow.  Not just stuck – It was buried!  Here my family drove 90 minutes to help us move and I got the truck locked up.  It was awful.  We got it out but I felt horrible and it was just a long bad day.  Not the way you want to start out in a new house.

So needless to say – lesson learned.  This move will be nothing like that!  I’ve been packing for a month now allowing me plenty of time to sort thru things and pack/donate what we need to.  I have a color code system going on making it easier to see which boxes go where and a master sheet that lists everything that is packed in each box.  While my husband is building the new addition, it’s my job to finish packing and moving the boxes.  Doing this while caring for a 5yr old, 3yr old, and 9mo old requires organization!

Doors for new bedroom and bathroom
Doors for new bedroom and bathroom

But not only do we have a game plan here as we are prepping the move, we have a game plan for the new house as well.  Basically Matt’s job is pretty straight forward…Build the Room.  Now for me…  While the room is being blocked up and framed, I’ll be working on moving the garage items and other outdoor items.  We will also be tearing paneling out of the laundry room and basement and replacing with drywall.  Once the new addition, laundry room, and basement have finished drywall, I will begin cleaning the house, painting, and moving in boxes.  And hopefully after two months, we’ll be done and ready to be moved in completely.  So that’s the game plan for now.



  1. Ugh – I’m right there with you! We have our house in escrow right now – will hear by the end of next week if everything is a “go”. Pest inspection and house inspection are done – now for the appraisal, which could be the bug-a-boo in this whole thing. In the meantime, trying to pack up a home we have lived in for 25 years is a nightmare! I can’t believe all the places I stuffed things! The good side is that I am finding things I thought I had lost – like my favorite pair of earrings! 😀 The difference between us is that my three sons are all grown and out of the house!

    • My Dad told me once that it’s amazing how much stuff you collect as you get older, haha! The worst part for us is all the stuff we hold on to with the mindset – “we might need this sometime”. Our garage is made up of ALL things we “might” use one day…its a disaster! It is kind of fun to go thru everything and see things you haven’t seen awhile. Or in your case, find things you thought you’d lost. Hope your appraisal goes well and that the rest of your move is smooth!

  2. I just finished reading through your whole canning, gardening, and crochet sections. I am impressed!!! I love to can too, but my garden is a small 6foot by 10foot space so we only get 13 quarts of tomatoes, and 4 pints of raspberry jam canned. The rest gets eaten and a little gets frozen. Anyway, your canning is amazing and I aspire to can like you someday. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you so much. We could probably use a smaller garden if we didn’t snack thru it so much! 🙂 I’m new to jams and jellies – I’ve never made raspberry jam, but it’s on my list of things to do.

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