Moving Update: Hold The Excitement

Well after 3 rounds of countering, we accepted an offer on the house.  Yay!  Matt and I want so badly to get excited but after what happened with the last accepted offer – we are a little hesitant.  It’s there…just being cautiously expressed.  One of the great things about our agreement is that the sellers are willing to wait to close until we close on our house, which is scheduled to happen in March.  We figured that would give them time to find a new place for themselves.  A win win on both sides!

I will have to say that the sellers are being very gracious on our situation.  The house we are buying is a 2 bedroom/1 bath home.  We have three kids so another bedroom will have to be added on.  The sellers are going to allow Matt to come over and take measurements of the house so that we can draw up our plans and create a materials list.  This way, when we gain possession at closing – we can immediately get to work!  Our neighbors who are purchasing our home have offered to rent us the house until we are ready to move out, with the first two months being free.  The goal here is to be able to move out at the end of those 2 months!  We will be making the addition ourselves with the help of family so hopefully 2 months will be more than enough time to get it done and liveable.

For now we’ll just wait for inspections and the appraisal to be done and as always, I will keep you posted!



  1. We feel your pain! We’ll be trying to sell our city home again in a few months, but the bad experiences of last year give us some level of anxiety. We’re ready to get building on the farm and don’t enjoy this waiting period.

    • Understandable. We went thru that with our last house. Only we never sold it – ended up renting it out to some friends of ours. The situation worked out but we still have the headache. Best of luck to you! Anxious to watch it all unfold.

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