Moving Update: Now We Wait

So following our setback earlier this month, we were back to looking for a new place to live.  Every morning I get up and eat breakfast in front of my laptop while I search the internet for any new properties up for sale in our area.  Earlier this week, there was a new listing – no joke – 5 minutes from our house.  Not only that, but judging by the the listing – it had everything we were looking for, was in our price range, and the pictures looked nice.  We scheduled a viewing the day it was posted.

Yup, this is a nice place.  A really nice place.  There is one problem.  It is a 2 bedroom house.  We have 3 kids.  After a night of dwelling, my husband figured out an idea of where we could build onto that house to give us another bedroom and not look like a scab job.  With the idea fresh in our head, we went to look at the house 2 days later with my in-laws.  We got confirmation that our idea would work and would not be all that difficult.  This could work for us.

With that being said, we made an offer and are awaiting word back.  They have til noon today to respond.  Time has never went so slow.  Fingers crossed that this one goes through.



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