Cold and Drafty

I can’t believe it’s January and I haven’t made a Winter post yet!  Since our chicken and duck catastrophe last August, there’s not much for us to do outside this Winter except feed our dogs and fuel the fire.  I’m so happy this Winter is so mild compared to last year’s.  We’ve had snow and ice, but it’s mostly stayed consistently cold.  That I can handle.  It’s super windy out today which means it’s super drafty inside the house.  I was crocheting a baby blanket today and I could just feel a steady stream of cold air on my feet.  No clue where it’s coming from since we caulked the heck out of everything, but it’s there.  Been going thru our firewood fast.  I like to think we had enough wood to get us thru the Winter, and judging how we don’t have much left would only mean Winter is about over, right?  Seems logical to me 🙂

DSCF5841This weekend has been one of few and far betweens –  Matt went camping and took both the boys.  It was a boys weekend out, and a girls weekend in.  It’s nice to have some one on one time with Sis.  I can’t believe she’s almost 9 months old!  Having the boys gone I forgot what quiet sounded like, haha!  It’s been relaxing and it’s exactly what I needed.  Been taking this time to get some things done around the house.  Mostly cleaning and a little packing.  Going thru the kid’s toys was quite the job, but I think I’m done.  For the most part, I’m just taking this time for me cause “me time” doesn’t come around very often.  The only thing that would make this absolutely perfect would be ice cream…. a whole bunch of ice cream.

V__FE55But to stir it up a bit, because you know there’s never a dull moment – our dogs got out yesterday and never came back.  Buddy and Blaze are Matt’s hunting dogs and they managed (somehow) to climb the chainlink fence, pull down on a board flipping it up to “unlock” the door.  They then just pushed it over and a huge stump behind it and took off.  Talk about smart and crafty dogs.  I’ve been driving around and calling for them and no sign.  My fear is that someone saw them for what they are and snatched them up.  Ugh it makes my stomach turn, and I guarantee it does worse to Matt.  Here’s keeping our finger’s crossed that 1) they are okay and 2) we find them soon.

Blaze & BuddySwitching to more upbeat topics, so in preparation of finding our new home, we’ve been scouring the internet for properties for sale, and I have taken it upon myself to decorate this new home.  Seems like that would be a given, but out of the two houses that we have lived in, we haven’t really decorated all that much.  Our first house we didn’t have anything on the walls because honestly, we didn’t have anything to put on there.  In this house, we don’t have much on the walls because of the walls being plaster.  The few things I have tried to hang on the plaster walls have turned out to be complete messes so I put an end to that.  So basically it’s just been hanging things up on pre-existing nails.  And just my luck, Netflix just uploaded a ton of HGTV shows.  Yes – I have been watching about every home remodel show I can find.  That combined with Pinterest is sure to be my husband’s worst nightmare!  But seriously, I’ve gotten some really nice ideas so I’m just anxious to put it to use.  When you haven’t had the change to decorate your home, you get excited about getting the chance to…and I’m really excited to.

We’re hoping as the weather gets warmer, more property will come available for sale.  Nothing on the market as of today has really caught our attention… well at least in our price range.  I’d really like to find a place and be moved and settled by July.  Our son starts school this year and I want him settled into his new home before he starts school.  Don’t want to be too overwhelming with so many changes at once.  And we also currently live off a county line road so depending on which direction we choose to move would result in different school districts.  So to me, time is critical.  I don’t want to rush it, but I’m very motivated to find what we’re looking for.

On that note, I think I’ll go tidy up and plop down on the couch with a movie and try and finish up this blanket.  Stay warm!



    • Drove around for an hour this morning looking for ’em. Stopped at 5 houses to ask if they had seen them and at my last house, I finally got a yes. The dogs were at their house Friday. Said they weren’t sure where they went. Good news to hear for sure, but it doesn’t help us much. We’ll keep looking. Going to call the shelters tomorrow.

  1. Ugh – I am so sorry about the dogs! Hopefully you have them back by now. I am much older now and all three of my sons have already “flown the coop”, but I remember back when they were young and n.o.i.s.y!!!! In fact, there were times when I would go grocery shopping when my husband was home to watch the kids, just so I could get away! Then I heard about “Me Days” from a friend of mine. One or two days a year she had her husband, mother, mother-in-law or even a day care take the kids so she could have time alone in her home. So I started doing that and, let me tell you, it was always such a special day! I didn’t do any housework. That was the rule I made for myself on these days. I usually did craft projects, watched two movies in a row with no interruptions, or just danced and sang around the house at the top of my lungs! Ah – the memories!

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