Moving Update: Meant To Be

So much excitement has been happening these last few days. On a side note, my sister has been in Nicaragua for 2 months finalizing the adoption of their daughter and has received word that she gets to leave early and be home for Christmas.  She comes home today and I, along with my family, am so excited!  Secondly, in a nutshell – we got the house!!!  So let’s back up…

I had mentioned in my last post that we have a closing date on our current house for April 1st, and that we wouldn’t be able to make an offer until we sold our house.  Well we received word that we might be able to close sooner on our house bumping the closing date up to March 1st.  With that, along with the countless prayers and support of family and friends, we made an offer on the new house.  After a week of waiting and countering back and forth, we reached an agreement.  We did it!  WE DID IT!  We’ve sold our house and found our future home.  I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  So much stress has been lifted that I can smile and honestly say, this is where we’re supposed to be.  And seeing Matt look around the house, I know he feels it, too.

So an actual closing date on the new house has not been made as of yet but we’re assuming it will be early February.  Looks like the new year will be a busy one as we begin to start over.  I am ready and so very excited though.  The boys are excited, too.  Our oldest is more concerned about us getting the fridge over there so we have a spot to put the cereal 🙂  He’s been diligently going around the house reminding us of stuff not to forget, ie: Ellee’s bed, the fridge, coffee maker, the oven for pizza rolls, tv, plates… yes, practically everything he can see.

We’ve been doing a ‘house cleanse’ as we sell and donate the stuff we don’t want to move.  No point packing stuff up if you never use it.  But for now we’ll relax and enjoy the rest of our year and our holidays before getting put to work.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year – from our family to yours!


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