Moving Update: Thank God For Neighbors

So I’m aware it’s been awhile – things have been a whirlwind.  But that aside, I wanted to give an update on everything.  My last post I announced we wanted to move and I’m here to tell you now, that we’ve sold our property.  Not only is it absolutely crazy, it’s a blessing.  Let me digress…

So after much discussion, the hubby and I decided it was best for us and the family if we were to move and find a ‘newer’ home. (Our home now is 115 yrs old)  The idea of working with a realtor and paying them their 6% honestly sickened us.  So much money.  In our small town, land is hard to come by so we decided to approach our neighbors.  Matt called up our neighbor and stated that we were thinking of moving and asked if he might be interested in buying our property.  I think we threw the man for a loop.  Matt said he was like “Oh man, I’m going to have to think about this one”.  We took that about as far as you could throw it.  It was a thoughtful gesture.  A gesture I would be thankful to receive myself.  Well the next day, our neighbor’s boy (who lives next door to him, so 2 doors down from us) stopped by the house wanting to talk to Matt.  He came back on Matt’s lunch break and they talked – he’s interested in our property.  We didn’t have a price, but we had a price range we were thinking.  We told him and we said we’d keep in touch.  Again – took that as far as we could throw it.  Now we much have good aim, because they called us a week later and wanted to come see the house!

I couldn’t believe it.  Both our neighbor and his wife, and his boy and his wife – came to look at the house and property.  They loved it.  They gave a verbal commitment that they wanted to buy the house. They wanted it for the property and said the house was a bonus they could rent out.  They even offered to rent us the house until we found something so we wouldn’t have to move twice.  These people are good people.  I’ll never say that enough.    We met up a few days later and talked fine lines.  We decided on selling price, renting price, and closing date which is set now (at the latest) April 1st.  We shook on it – it’s a done deal.  We meet this afternoon to write up the sales agreement and sign papers.  I cannot believe how lucky we are.  This is a blessing.

To add to the madness, we have found a house my husband and I are absolutely in love with.  This is where is gets rough.  We can’t make an offer until we sell our house – the house is foreclosed so they wont accept a closing date further than 45 days.  If any of you have been thru the moving process and found that property or house that just made your stomach turn in knots at the thought of not getting it…. that’s what we have here.  Matt and I have been trying to figure out a way and hope and pray that we can work something out this afternoon… maybe move our closing date up.  Time will tell as we continue to pray and pray and be thankful to even be in this situation.  And like always, I will keep you posted.



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