New Year Brings New Beginnings (and Challenges)

As 2014 is growing colder and winding down, I think it’s natural for people to “reevaluate” themselves and all they’ve done, or not done, throughout the year and set goals and plans for the new coming year.  There is so much potential for that upcoming year – it’s more or less a blank slate for you to do what you will.

For us, here on the homestead, the term “reevaluate” seems almost understated for what we’ve been doing.  For the last few months, Hubby and I have been flooding our minds and our plates with things that needed to be done with countless deadlines that are rarely met.  Sitting back you start realize how overwhelmed it all got and how fast it got like that.  We both agreed on one thing, and although it’s not easy to admit it, we believe it’s for the best.

We plan on selling the homestead.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you!  Surprising as it may seem, I assure you it was a bit of a shock for us, too.  But to be quite honest – we absolutely love our land, but the maintenance on our 114+year old house is beginning to be too much.  We can’t afford to build new while living here and we don’t want less land than we own now.  The chances of us finding a “newer” home on 30+ acres in our price budget is extremely slim so we made the decision to try and sell and start new.  Buy a new chunk of land to build on and create a new homestead for us.

Starting over at 30yrs old is kind of intimidating – I can’t even imagine those of you who are doing so in the your 50’s and 60’s.  I know the challenge of selling such a old home will be a tough one, but the land speaks volumes – it’s beautiful.  That I will l miss.  But I won’t miss the house, or hearing the interstate every night.  I’m ready to start a new.  I’m ready to find something that BOTH my Hubby and I love and look forward to not only raising our family on, but growing old on together.

We’ve decided to put the house up in the Spring.  We’ve started looking at land already to gain an idea of what’s around and whatnot.  We love the area so sticking nearby is a must for us which limits our choices for being such a small town.  But that’s alright.

2015 will be a year of new beginning… literally.

We’ve learned so much here at our homestead – both the good and the bad.  Having the opportunity to build a new homestead from the ground up will be a challenge and take quite a bit of time but we’ll get it. Wish us luck in our future endeavors and maybe send a few short prayers our way.  We will definitely keep you posted on the progress of our ‘new’ future.

But as for now – back to reality – let’s get ready for Winter!


One comment

  1. Big decision! But, exciting– it’s the sort of unknown that is filled with possibility. We are also looking forward to imminent new beginnings, and the anticipation is actually a wonderful aspect! Good luck to you, and enjoy the hunt.

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