A Non-Eventful Update

I see that it’s been awhile since I wrote last.  To ease your worry, nothing exciting has been going on.  Really nothing at all – just the usual day to day living stuff and getting ready for Winter.  Firewood is our number one priority.  This year we – I guess I shoud say Matt – had a late start since the tractor was down and out for awhile at the beginning.  And then when we got it back, Mother Nature decided to give us rain for about 2 weeks.  But with the setbacks, he still managed to get around his goal which was about 25 ricks by the end of September.  With all that stacked and ready to go – we are officially ready for Winter – heatwise.  Mentally?  I don’t think I’m there yet.  I’m still enjoying Fall.  We didn’t really have much of Fall last year so the trees seem extra pretty this go around.

With the weather so favorably lately, we’ve been trying to make the most of it.  The boys and I went out back and picked persimmons and walnuts which was fun.  I like to pick persimmons a little early and have them ripen in a bag.  I feel like I’m getting them before the squirrels and deer attack them.  But the boys really thought it was awesome when I took the bucket of walnuts and dumped them in the road.  After a few cars drove over them, we ran out after dinner and picked out our walnuts out of the husks.  They thought that was pretty cool.  As for me, my fingers and nails were dyed green and brown for about the next week.


The farmers have been hitting hit hard – we watch them drive back and forth from sun up and well into the night.  With everything being stirred up in the air – the kids and I are all enjoying the lovely side effects of our allergies.  Runny noses, watery eyes, and sneezing for everyone!  Hooray!  Now I’m like, which is better: staying inside or going outside?  Hubby is missing all the “fun” as he is out of state pheasant hunting.  It’s his first big trip out and from what I hear, it’s awesome!  I guess Buddy dog is doing an outstanding job.

matthuntSpeaking of our dogs, Gertie is growing.  She’s inside now which is just crazy.  Nothing like a 4yr old, 3yr old, and 5mo old with a puppy.  Oh did I mention we are potty training, too right now?  It’s safe to say at times it’s pure madness!  But despite the “inconvience” Gertie is kinda funny.  The other day I caught her locked up on a fly in our kitchen.  She held it for about 3minutes.   I tested her and walked by her to see if she moved and she didn’t – just her eyes.  I assume the fly moved first cause later she darted in a blink of an eye.

gertieAnd lastly, we finally planted some blueberry bushes.  Matt had picked me up some while he was in Michigan for business.  He brought home two and I’m pretty excited to see how they do.  Maybe in a few years we could try making blueberry wine!  I’m a lil nervous about the birds – especially since the bushes are planted by the barn and we have so many barn swallows.  Not sure if they’ll eat the fruit, but I just assume they will.  I hope the bushes survive because it was a pain planting them.  I took a shovel to the ground and on my first go, it was like hitting a concrete slab.  I couldn’t believe it.  There were soooo many rocks – large rocks.  We about filled a cooler on just these 2 small bushes.

blueberrybushrocksAnd that about sums up the past month!  See, I told you nothing really exciting.  I still have some canning I’d like to get done soon so hopefully I can get that going.  When you have all your canning stuff put up, it’s sometimes hard to get motivated to get it back out again. But the time is just flying by!  Can you believe the holidays are almost here??  All I do know is that I’m not ready for the cold yet.  Not at all.  Here’s hoping for a few more weeks of Fall!



  1. Letting the passing cars crack your walnuts was pretty clever! I had a bag full of those black walnuts last year and try as I might, had the hardest time cracking them on cement with a hammer! I loved hearing about the puppy being on point! At least you know he is true to his breed! Glad to hear you have had a productive yet uneventful month – sometimes those are the best!

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