Cooler Air Moving In

I’m convinced that only in Indiana can it be 106 one day and low 70’s the next. I’d be lying if I said the cooler weather wasn’t welcomed – I’ve always liked the jeans and t-shirt weather, with nights cool enough for a hoodie. But with this cooler air brings that shudder of Winter. Ugh. Just writing it puts a bad taste in my mouth.  But the cooler weather does bring a few good things with it – bonfires, hot chocolate, and deer season. Okay maybe not in that order but it works. Bow season comes in October 1st. We’ve been seeing a buck with some does running around. I just hope they stick around for a few more weeks. We always see them right before season kicks off, and then they scurry off somewhere. We usually aim for 2 deer/year, but I think we’d be alright with 1 this year since we still have some from last season.

firewoodBut we are getting ready for Winter a little bit earlier than normal this year since last year was so bad and it looks to be a repeat this year. I’d say we’re up to about 18 ricks of firewood right now, with a goal of 25.  Matt’s goal is to have it all done by the end of the month – a goal I find to be very reasonable. We had a minor setback the other night when a limb fell from a tree and landed on the stove. It put a good dent in the top and Matt worried it may had cracked something, but after looking more closely, I think we’ll be alright.

We have already bush hogged the garden – with all of our setbacks lately, we had fallen behind on it and it had become a little overwhelming to keep up. But we had a good outcome. So happy to have beans and beets in the pantry! We also got taters and watermelon. I was a little disappointed because our cotton had just flowered, but we’ll just try again next year.

GertieOur puppies are now 9weeks old. 6 of the 7 have moved on to new homes already. We even welcomed one of the pups, Gertie, into our home. She’s doing good so far. She likes to attack our other house dog, Zoey – I think she thinks Zoey is her Mom since they are both black and white and about the same build. Zoey, on the other hand, is not a fan of her. It’ll just take some time. But Matt has been training her so it’s fun to watch her. Here’s a video of Gertie pointing at a pheasant wing at 5½ weeks old. She broke her point because a chicken made a noise in the barn. But before long, pheasant season will be in full swing and the dogs will be put back to work.

Hopefully the weather has been favorable to all of you as it has been here.  It’s nice to have the windows open again.  As things start to settle down, I have some more canning to do, apples to pick, and persimmons to mash up so there’s something to look forward to 🙂


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