Dear World, Please Give Me a Break

The month of August has proven to be “not our month”.  Here lately we have been snake bitten again and again, week after week.  It comes to a point when you start to wonder when things are going to get back to normal…. and I’m the optimist here in this relationship!

How did it start you ask?  It started when both of our cars went down at the same time.  Seems like a good way to get things rolling.  Our first car was in the shop for 3weeks.  We were called and told it was fixed, but when we picked it up – it was not fixed at all.  Words were exchanged and now our car is fixed with the other in the shop.  Car number 2 turned out to be a sensor issue.  Whoo-hoo, quick fix….oh wait, no just kidding. Now there’s a gas leak resulting in a bill about 5x what we thought. Ugh!

Next, this past weekend we were out of town for my niece’s first birthday party.  While we were gone, Matt’s bird dogs escaped from their pen.  Luckily our Uncle had stopped by to see the puppies while we were gone and saw they were missing.  He found them and put them back up.  But while the dogs were out, they managed to get ahold of our chickens and duck.  They killed every single one of them – 7 chickens and 1 duck.  Now before you go thinking the worse, it wasn’t as gory as it sounds.  The chickens didn’t have a scratch on them.  It’s almost as if they were suffocated.  I told Matt I’d take care of it since they were technically “mine”.  I didn’t bother burying them since something would just dig them back up.  So I lined them up in the woods, said a prayer of thanks for the eggs they provided and that was that.  Unfortunately, I could not find 2 chickens.  I just hope they got dragged into the corn field so the boys don’t stumble across them.

Shortly after that, our lawnmower broke down and my cellphone died.

I am ready for August to be over with.

September will be a fresh start.  Our son turns 3 next week so that’s a good way to start off right 🙂  But all this crap that has been going on has really got me thinking.  (I mean what else can you do when it feels like you have control over nothing)  I realized how much life and death interact with each other on a homestead.  I always knew that, but until you really go thru it, it’s just something you hear.  I mean it is a little ironic how we welcomed a litter of 7 puppies only to have 7 chickens die.  Maybe it’s a stretch but I dunno.  I also realized how rock solid my marriage is.  When pushed to the limits, we always come out together on top stronger than before.

sunsetWell here’s to a better tomorrow!  Hopefully you all have been enjoying the heat, soaking it up before the Winter comes.  It’s going to be another cold, long, rough one.  Which reminds me… we need more firewood.



  1. You know that old saying that when it rains, it pours!? Or the other one that says bad things happen in threes.? Or even old Murphy’s law? It’s just proof that everyone seems to have months like yours at least once in their lives. Well, now you’ve had yours! Done!
    Here’s to no more months like August 2014 for you! Cheers!

  2. I hate when bad hings pile up on on each other like that. When we have had those things happen to us I think of the old adage “And this too will pass” . Before you know it, things will be good again!

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