Puppies: Play Time

Puppies are 5 weeks old now and are in full “puppy” mode.  They constantly wrestle and are starting to gnaw on us.  We’ve been getting them out of the barn every night to play with in the yard for about an hour.  It’s fun to watch them explore.  Our grass is tall right now so seeing them hop thru it is pretty funny.  A few of the pups have really taken a shine to the boys, whereas the boys (Ollie especially) have really taken a shine to ALL of the pups.  Next on the agenda for the wee ones is shots next week and then relocation near after.  I know one gentleman wanted his pup at 7 weeks (which is common for hunting dogs).  We will probably also bring our pup in at 7 weeks as well.

pupschowIn the past week we also had a near fatal incident involving a puppy.  They started puppy chow and Matt went out to feed them.  He came back in the house for 20 minutes and then went back out to see if they were done eating and he found that a pup had fallen into Blaze’s 5 gallon water bucket out there.  Luckily (and thankfully) Blaze had drank just enough water so that it’s head was above water.  Matt came busting thru the door grabbing towels and yelling for my help.  We flew to the barn in a dead sprint and got the pup dried up, brought him in and blew the hair dryer on him.  He shook for a long time but now shows no signs of the traumatic incident.  He does really like Matt though, haha.

puphelpBut I’m noticing how hard it is going to be to let these puppies go.  I keep telling myself, “Megan, they’ll grow up to be 50# dogs!”  Matt on the otherhand told me since I have 7 chickens, he should be able to have 7 dogs.  I always knew I had a clever hubby, but it didn’t work.  This pup that we’re keeping will make 4 dogs for us – 3 of which are bird dogs.  I think we’re set for awhile.

pups1 pups2 pups3 pups4 pups5 pups6 pups7


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