Puppies: Walking and Talking

The puppies are 3 weeks old now.  Their eyes are open and they have began to walk around.  Their coats have also began ticking – which is spots of color showing up on a white area… so basically the small black/brown spots on our dogs.  Personalities are beginning to form as they are finding their voice and their way around.  We have a “Mama’s Girl” as well as a “Sassy One”.  But so far all are doing well.  I’ve read that they are able to point at a bird as early as 10 weeks so I’m anxious for that first training session.  We’ve been spending alot of time with the pups as we want them to be sociable and well around kids.

After 2 weeks of Matt and I having to deal with mama Blaze getting up almost every hour throughout the night to go outside, she had to go.  Maybe it was the fact of having a 3month old baby that sleeps thru the night that made getting up with a dog frustrating and annoying.  So we built a makeshift pen in the barn to move them to.  Our large barn has a long pen on the outer side with a door leading out to the pasture.  We moved the outdoor pen to the backside of the barn around this door while closing off a portion of the pen inside creating one massive indoor/outdoor area for them.  It has been working out so well that we’ve decided to make this a permanent change allowing both her and Buddy (male) at least 3x as much space as they had before.  This is also nice as we can still keep Buddy separate from the puppies for the time being.

dogpen1 dogpen2As the puppies are growing, Matt has been eyeing up which one we will keep.  He has his eye on a couple, but his main contender is a brown female – the litter’s only brown puppy.  We have also been busy finding new homes for the remaining pups.  As of this morning, 4 pups have homes to go to.  We are waiting to hear back from 2 other people who have shown great interest as well.  But for the next 2 months, we’ll enjoy having them and watching them grow!

puppy1 puppy2 puppy3 puppy4 puppy5 puppy6 puppy7


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