Beans, Beets, and Garden Update

We have green beans coming out our ears over here!  My goodness they are growing so fast.  Now don’t confuse this bewilderment with griping because I am far from that.  This is the first time in about 2 years that we’ve had a good crop of green beans so I am ecstatic.  Last week we put up 6 quarts and are back with a full bucket to can this week.  For those of you out there that can green beans and want to change it up a bit – try canning (or even just cooking) your beans with a beef bouillon cube in it…. its really good.

DSCF5604Last week we also put up 6 pints of pickled beets – 6 must be the magic number.  I was a little disappointed with our beet turnout but still happy we had some to can away.  If I can get Matt out there to till up a spot soon, we can plant another batch of them and hope for a bigger yield this time.  I’m sure the massive amounts of grass in our garden doesn’t help.  I’ll spare you the agonizing picture.  Just picture a meadow with tomato cages in it…. yup that’s a close comparison.  It’s ridiculous.

Another plant that has decided to do exceptionally well for the first time…well ever… is our zucchini.  I’m not much for fried zucchini but I sure do love me some zucchini bread.  Thinking of making a bunch and popping them in the freezer.  But besides that, our cabbage is about to be picked, our tobacco is nearly 5 feet tall, our cotton survived and is doing well, still green tomatoes, and a few healthy cucumber and watermelon plants.  We have pumpkin seeds to be planted but it seems everytime we think of planting them, it rains.  We might have to wait till next year for them, but we’ll see.


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  1. Your beans and beets look wonderful! Who would have though to put a beef bouillon cube in with the beans? You did! That sounds awesome. Thanks for the pictures – happy canning!

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