Well she did it, Blaze had her puppies!  She is a proud mama to 7 beautifully healthy babies.

puppiesCome Sunday night about 12:30 midnight, she became very anxious and was barking and pacing all over.  She would only sit still and be quiet if Matt was there with her.  For hours, Matt sat on a bucket as she sat with her head in his lap.  He said he got about an hour sleep before he headed into work Monday morning.  On Monday I checked on her frequently and about 2:30 I noticed her nesting – moving blankets all around and whatnot.  I turned around and walked into the living room and then I heard it…. a puppy whining.

I ran back to the mudroom window and saw the smallest puppy I’ve ever seen laying not in the pool that was all prepped for her, but on the hard concrete floor.  Blaze was licking her pup all over and so hard it was barrel rolling across the floor.  I laughed and still laugh at the thought of it.  Then she picked the pup up and moved it to the pool.  There she layed down and continued to have the rest of her litter.

pupborn pup1 pup2 pup3All seven pups were born in about an hour.  By the end of it, Blaze was exhausted.  The whole birthing experience was something that was totally new for me.  I’ve never seen puppies being born, or even a newborn pup for the matter.  But Matt and I just watched her thru the window from the kitchen as she pushed (yes, you could see her pushing) the pup out, then remove the sac and chew the cord.  She ate everything and licked those pups nonstop for hours.  You wouldn’t believe how soft they are!

proudmamaJust seeing animal instincts in action is pretty cool to watch.  For now, she lays around sleeping as the pup feed and sleep on and around her.  Turns out she had 4 girls, and 3 boys.  All pups have their daddy’s big spots, and their mama’s black and white coloring.  Buddy, the dad, has brown on him while Blaze is black and white.  Only two pups have brown on them – one of which we are keeping.  But Blaze will go outside now to the bathroom but is eager to get back to her babies.  Another fun “puppy fact” that I learned is that when the puppies poop – Blaze will eat it to keep them and everything else clean.  Sorry kids, I personally wouldn’t do that for you but I did the next best thing by changing you 🙂

pupWell stay tuned as we watch these future hunters grow and learn to become top hunting dogs like their mama and daddy.  They’ll be up and pointing in no time!




  1. Oh – so cute!  Congratulations.  They are all beautiful. I envy the fun you will have these next several weeks!  Keep the pictures coming.

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