Babies on the Way

Not human babies – no need to panic!  We’re talking puppies on this one!  We are currently on puppy watch as Blaze is set to have her puppies any day now.  Not that we don’t have enough going on right now.  We will be keeping a pup so I joke with Matt about who I can get potty trained first, a puppy or our son.  But she is currently being held in our mudroom till the puppies are born.  So now we wait…

BlazePreggoBut man oh man have things been happening.  Not huge stellar things, but enough things to keep up busy and on the go as always.  We finally bit the bullet and sent our tractor in to be fixed last week.  Since it doesn’t run, they had to winch it onto the trailer.  It was delivered back to us yesterday and is running in better shape than when we bought it.  Such a weight is lifted off Matt’s shoulder as now he has a way to fetch firewood.  We were also able to sell our old broken bush hog to replace it with a working one.  No more having to borrow tractors and/or bush hogs, yay!

DSCF5538 TractorFixYes, things are finally starting to come together it feels like.  Our garden is looking FANTASTIC (aside from the grass that we are constantly battling) and it looks like we’ll be having apples again this year.  The late frost zapped one of the apple trees, but our other one is looking quite full which is a sight for sore eyes since we’re almost out of applesauce.  No fruit this year on the peach or pear trees but they do look nice and healthy.  I’m glad they made it thru the rough Winter.  I’m starting to get excited to can!  I’ve got some new recipes that I’m anxious to try out and share with

Since the garden is up and going, the chickens have been released to free range again.  They seem so much happier now. Especially our duck when she noticed she got a new pool!

DSCF5515 DSCF5518Eggs have been rolling in!  Had eggs for breakfast and as you can tell – it hardly made a dent.  We should really put a sign in the yard…

eggsA couple weeks ago, I took on the task of coop clean-out.  Two wheelbarrow loads later, the bedding had been stripped.  I removed the straw from the windows, scraped off the poop board and added new PDZ down.  Even took it a step further and put in a new roost for them.  Our old one was at a slant and my Grandpa told me that having it slanted like that might hurt their feet… not to mention that the weight of all those birds caused it to fall down.  So I took out the old roost and replaced it with a straight thicker roost for them.  Lastly I added new bedding on the floor and nest boxes and they were good to go.  The whole time I was in there, there was a chicken watching me squawking at me letting me know everything I was doing wrong 🙂  She wasted no time trying out the nesting box when the makeover was done though.

DSCF5511 DSCF5509 DSCF5512 DSCF5513 DSCF5522With the change of a new clean coop, came the change of an egg-eater.  One of our chickens is eating our duck egg every morning.  Sometimes I can get out there before its eaten.  This is a behavior that I won’t tolerate.  No, I’m not going to kill her – I have heard of plenty people who will put down their egg-eaters.  I tried putting out some crushed up shells for them in thinking that her calcium is low.  We’ll see if that changes anything.

To the barn beside the coop, is our quail/pheasant barn.  Good news to report here – A conservation officer stopped by the house this afternoon to check out our barn and it passed its inspection.  This means Matt is accepted for his permit and is able to raise game birds and hunt them out of season.  Until the quail are full sized, they are being kept in this little pin Matt built for them.  Then when bigger, they will be released in the barn.

quailpinAnd believe it or not, we found time in there – somewhere – to go camping.  Traveled down to Spring Mill and had a good time.  Tucker rode his first bike there!  So that was very exciting.  We are all gravel out here so learning to ride a bike is a little difficult.  But the boys had a blast – they love camping.  And sis did well for herself, too!  Slept alot.  She even had her first hay ride 🙂

DSCF5534Well with Independence Day around the corner, we will hopefully be caring for puppies while the fireworks go off.  If I don’t post beforehand, stay safe this 4th and have some fun!


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  1. Puppies – Oh how I love puppies! Especially puppy breath (strange, I know). Your garden looks great. So glad things are going well for you and your family, and you even found time for a vacation! Have a wonderful and safe 4th.

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