Out and About

Now this is my favorite time of year…

fieldCool enough for the windows to be open with the sun shining.  It’s kind of hard to be in a bad mood on days like these.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been in and out and all around:  Celebrating Memorial Day with friends and family, graduation parties, and my birthday.  Yup, I’m officially enjoying the last year in my twenties.  I like to joke with my Dad because the last few years are more like a blur.  I remember being 23 and that’s about it, haha.  Maybe kids do that to you 🙂  Time really does just seem to fly by.

So to help ease this time warp I’m living in, I’ve been taking time out every night to crochet and I must say it’s been nice.  I’m not sure what it is exactly – maybe because it is so repetitive – but crocheting is very relaxing to me.  I like to do it after I put the kids to bed.  Just put on a tv show and go to town!  Last night I started watching Longmire on Netflix and it’s awesome so far.  A good small town sheriff show.  But I’ve been working on baby blankets here lately.  We have a couple family members all expecting with due dates rapidly approaching.  Here’s is one I’m about 1/3 done with.  Hope to finish this one in the next couple weeks so I can start on the next one!

crochet blanket crochet blanket detailThru all the coming and going, it seems that we found time to expand here on the homestead.  After spending the last week making the finishing touches on Matt’s pheasant barn – Matt brought home 50 quails over the weekend.  I’ve never seen baby quails before and man are they tiny!  Nothing like a chicken.  We’re talking as big as your pinky finger.  Matt had to take feed crumbles and put that thru our processor to make it more fine for them.

DSCF5494 quail quailIn the next few weeks as they grow, Matt is going to finish up a recall box that he will put out in the woods.  Then the hunting can begin.

Well we were supposed to have our barn finished up today, but due to all the rain we got last night it has been pushed back again.  We had to borrow a bush hog again to cut the pasture down so they can get their trucks back there so hopefully here in the next few days we can get that done and over with.

pasture barnWith all the rain though comes a yard that constantly needs mowed, but more importantly – a prospering garden.  Ours is looking great so far this season.  We’ve been eating our radishes like crazy here the last few days.  I’m really looking forward to our tomatoes.

garden beetsI got to looking and it appears that our strawberry patch did not come back this year.  I kind of figured it would happen soon.  It was here when we moved in and not planted in the best of places.  It did great while it lasted.  Now I need to find a new place to move it to.  Somewhere where it has room to grow and spread.

Just another task on my rapidly growing to-do list.


One comment

  1. Those quail are so cute! Your garden looks lovely. Too bad about the strawberries. Hopefully your barn roof will get fixed soon – before the next rain! 🙂

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