Orchard In The Making

Happy Hump Day!  If there’s one day a week that is “off” I would have to say it is most always a Wednesday.  This morning the kids all slept in til 8:00 which would had been nice if I wasn’t already up since 6:00, Lil’ Sis spit up in my hair and I burnt the pancakes.  Even decaf, this coffee is the best cup I’ve ever had!  haha  Yup, my game might be a little off this morning but regardless, it has been – and looks as if it will continue to be – a good day.

The last few days have been more or less a whirlwind around here.  And I can honestly say it’s not because of the baby.  Not trying to jinx things but she has been an amazing baby so far.  She eats and sleeps like a champ – sleeping thru the night at just 3weeks.  High five Ellee!  Keep it up, Sis!

kidsMatt has been fishing alot while the crappie are biting in between breaks of working on his tractor, getting firewood, and mowing.  His tractor (sigh) …. it’s a sore subject.  I think he’s at the point where it’s about to go over the hill.  He’s tried everything he can think of and it’s still not working.  This might be the first to get him down.  A guy might come by to look at it, but if not Matt’s talking of selling it.  I don’t blame him – It’s been nothing but a lemon since he brought it home.  But with it down and out, getting firewood is a little more challenging as we rely on our explorer and trailer. What we have is a good start, but nowhere near close to what we need for Winter.  That’s what happens when you burn up all your wood for next Winter.. this past Winter.

Dead in the water
Dead in the water

firewoodSo to cool off, he’s been fishing and bringing home some nice fish for us.  Crappie is good eating so I’m not one to keep him home 🙂  If I could, I’d be out there with him!

But last night we found some time together so we loaded up and headed out to Rural King to get my Valentine’s gift…

pear treesPear Trees!

Yes, our orchard in the making is still underway bringing our total to 2pear trees, 2apple trees, and 3peach trees.  I was a little turned off by Rural King’s tree selection this year which is unfortunate since they were so awesome last year.  But we were there so we picked the two best looking ones we could find.  We had planned on picking up some cherry trees as well (my Mother’s Day gift) but they were all dead.  The guy said they were delivered too early and the frost got them.  So they will have to wait, or maybe get apricot trees instead.  I’m excited to get these trees up and going to put fruit away in the pantry.  We have 2 places in town that sell canned fruit, and for some reason – they recently stopped selling them in fruit juices…. you can only buy them in syrup.  And I REALLY don’t like my fruit in syrup.  Not to mention how expensive they are getting.  Thought maybe the truck just didn’t bring them in but it’s been months and they still have yet to turn up.  So in a few years when our peach trees from last year and this year’s pear trees get producing well – we won’t have to worry about it.  We’ll be set!

gardenWe also found some time to finish up our garden.  In addition to the sweet potatoes, onions, beets, brussel sprouts, and red cabbage that we had previously planted – we added watermelon, tomatoes, green beans, radishes, turnips, green peppers, and two of Matt’s “experimental” plants: Cotton and Tobacco.  Now we don’t smoke but for some reason he was wound up to give this a try.  The guy at the garden center said you can hang it up and it will keep spiders away.  If that’s the case – we’ll cover the basement in it!  But for cotton… yea I have no clue what to do with that.  If any of you have grown cotton before, please feel free to enlighten me on what the heck to do with it!  But so far the garden is off to a great start – beets are popping up, our rhubarb is enormous.  I picked a gallon bag worth the other day.  And if we could keep the deer away from eating our tomato plants, we’d be just perfect.  To date they have eaten about 6 of our tomatoes.  Thinking of putting the cages out and seeing if that helps keep them away.  Anybody else having deer eat their tomatoes?

rhubarbOr how about cats bringing them rabbits?  Thats a new one for us, too

Asher loves his belly rubbed

So in my free time (ha – free time) I’ve been writing a list of a bunch of stuff to make with crochet and thanks to my sister-in-law, finding yarn is not a problem.  She and my brother graciously and eagerly gave me about 3 totes full of yarn that had belonged to her grandmother and had been sitting in their basement for awhile.  As I was going thru it all the other day, I had some neat ideas of what to make with it all.  So now it’s just finding the time to do so.  This may be the Christmas year of crochet gifts 🙂

yarnWell with all that pushed aside, tonight I’m taking a “mommy break” and going to play BINGO with my mother-in-law.  Hoping to bring home some play money!  Wish me luck!



  1. Whoa – slow down girl! You make me tired just reading this post! 🙂 At least the baby is sleeping well so that you can get your rest also. I’m glad you got a couple of pear trees – too bad about the cherry trees. And all that yarn! Holy cannoli what a lucky lady you are. I can’t wait to see what you make.

  2. I was wondering about your pear trees. I have always heard the expression “You plant pears for your heirs” that refers to the long time it takes for pear trees to produce fruit. I wasn’t sure if they have new types of trees that produce sooner. Do you know how long it will be for your trees?

    • I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to bear fruit – it didn’t say on the tag on the tree. We got Semi-Dwarf Bartlett pear trees. From what I read, they grow fast and will produce harvest somewhere between 3-6 years. Our trees were a good size so I’m guessing they are maybe 1-2 years already so I guess we’ll see if we get any fruit soon. 🙂

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