Returning to Normalcy

Well it happened – She’s here!  Please welcome our newest…  Ellee

elleeEllee was born Tuesday, April 29th, 2014.  She was 8lbs 13oz and 21 inches long.  A healthy “big” girl… and I may be biased but she is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

elleeWe’ve been home for a week now.  Matt went back to work this past Monday and things are slowly returning to some sort of normalcy.  Slowly we’re getting there.  I noticed that after you have two kids, bringing home that third isn’t much different – You’re already used to having your time and attention divided.  But of all the weeks to come home to, this is a beautiful one.  Temperature highs in the 70’s all week, which is nice since we have 22 tomato plants to be added to our garden.

Our garden is planned to be somewhat low-key this year.  Low-key for us at least.  We’ve taken into account what all we have still from last season and decided against growing some of our usuals due to we still have a significant amount leftover.  So out of our 2 garden plots – we will probably only use one of them this year.  Matt usually plants and weeds the garden while I take care of watering and canning.  We split the duty of harvesting and get the boys involved.  You can always tell the ones they pick cause there will be bite marks in them.  Haha – They pick, take a bite, put it in the bucket.  Forget candy – cherry tomatoes are just the same in this house.  The boys will run over to them and start picking and eating.  But next year, I expect our garden to back to its bigger size if not a little bit bigger to compensate for what all we’ll use this year.

To protect the seeds and smaller plants in the garden, we have been keeping our chickens locked up in the run to avoid them scratching around.  Once the plants are bigger we will let them back out again.  This has not made them too happy – They have been laying less eggs.  I think they are on strike.

crappieMatt went fishing last night and brought home 21 crappie.  He said he threw back at least 15 more so needless to say, it was a good time.  Matt has also been working on the tractor every free second he has and almost has it running again.  He successfully converted it from a 6volt to a 12volt, replaced the fuel line, terminal block, spark plugs….  He is waiting on one more part – an ignition coil – to finish it up and it should (hopefully) run better than it ever has.

Well that’s about the newest from these parts.  The sun is shining bright this morning.  I think its going to be good day!



  1. Congratulations! You’re right – she is beautiful! I agree with you scaling back a bit on your garden this year. If you don’t need it, why plant it? Besides, you will need more time, now that it’s divided again! 🙂 Congratulations to your hubby on all those fish – and good luck to him with the tractor!

  2. She beautiful. What is Ellee’s full name? I only ask because my 15 month old’s name is Elli, short for Elizabeth Johnson. Keep up the good work and wonderful posts.

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful daughter! Hope Matt gets that tractor running soon, cuz little Elle is gonna wrap herself around daddy’s finger 🙂

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