Nursery Reveal

With my due date tomorrow – I bet you were all thinking I forgot!  Nope!  Just got busy 🙂  Well here is my first attempt at decorating for a girl.  I think her room turned out really cute.  Her nursery colors are light gray, coral and turquoise.

DSCF5420DSCF5410DSCF5419Her walls are decorated with glow in the dark butterflies and dragonflies.  When I found these, it was a must-have!  I love dragonflies, they are sort of my good luck charm.  Special thanks to my sister for helping me hang them all, and to Ollie, our youngest, who keeps moving them around 🙂  The other pictures are from Etsy that I saw on Pinterest that I just recreated with paint on canvas.  Her bumper pad is also special because its the same one the boys used.  My mom sewed some girly fabric over it to match her room.  I love it.

DSCF5411As you can see, we decided to forgo the closet door like we did in the boys’ room and hang a curtain instead.  I can’t believe I found fabric that matched so perfectly – coral with gray polka dots.

DSCF5412DSCF5417But my favorite part of her room is her bookcase.  It was a Pinterest idea and I love the way it turned out!  (Ignore the holes along the edges – I tacked on the backing to the wrong side.  Yeah…. I can’t even begin to tell you how mad that made me.  Sore subject)

DSCF5408I’m not that great at photographing rooms so hopefully you all get the idea.  We’re excited to welcome her home to her new room.  Now I just have to keep the boys toys out for a little bit longer! 🙂


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