Sunshine Brings Bigger Smiles

Well I hope you all had a lovely Easter!  Ours was spent with family outside enjoying the beautiful weather – almost near the 80’s!  The last few days have been filled with bright sunshine and warmer weather which has majorly improved everyone’s attitude in this household.  We’ve been outside getting the stink blown off of us from spending the last countless months inside from our never-ending Winter.  It’s been good.  Matt mowed the other day and the smell of freshly cut grass was the deciding factor that Spring was officially here.  Thank God!

barn repairbarn repairWell I believe my last post left you at the pending repair of our barn… well the holes are now patched!  There is a strip on the backside that still needs repaired (it was too muddy back there when they came) but as long as the rain holds off, hopefully it will be finished up here soon.  Good news in those repairs are on the outer edge so if it does rain, it will not be raining inside the barn anymore – it will just rain down the outer side.  It feels good to have that job off of our shoulders.

tractorIt also feels good to have plants in the ground!!  We’re a month behind schedule but we’ll just have to make do.  Over the weekend we plowed up our garden with the help from our Uncle and followed up with the rotor tiller.  I think everyone had the same idea because our farmer was doing the same in the field.  It was a beautiful day that ended in tractor rides for the boys.

gardenBut yesterday we got some sweet potatoes, onions, beets, brussel sprouts, and red cabbage in the ground.  Its a good start.  I know this year we are nervous for how our garden will do.  We have hopes alongside many doubts.  At least our rhubarb seems to be doing good!

rhubarbThe weather is just fluctuating so much it’s hard to say.  But I will say that we FINALLY turned off our wood furnace!!!  When you start to burn up wood you’ve cut for this coming Winter…. in late April… it can be a bit … frustrating.  And to add to the frustration, Matt has been working on our tractor trying to get it running again.  We rely on it to plow the garden, but mostly for firewood fetching.  With it down and out right now… it’s looking to be rough.  He has an idea what it is and has parts ordered so we’ll see when it gets here.  My hubby is good a many things, but one of those things is fixing stuff.  I don’t think we’ve come across anything he couldn’t fix, so I know not to worry about this one – he’s got it 🙂

meat chickensWell after about 6 weeks, we finally processed our cornish crosses.  All 17 of them survived and grew to be little plump fat birds that filled our freezer.  We ended up putting about 70# worth of meat in our freezer.  Overall the job was not that bad.  There was 4 of us in on the process and it took about 3 hours.  It was our first time so there was some learning along the way.  Next time, it won’t take as long.  But for those of you who are interested in what we did – we just took a chicken holding it by the feet and stretched its neck across a stump.  With a hatchet, we removed its head then hung them upside down for awhile to drain.

meat chickens

Plucking In Process
Plucking In Process

Half of the chickens we skinned and the other half we dipped in boiling water and plucked.  I will say plucking is ALOT of work.  When skinning them, Matt just skinned them like any other wild bird – slitting the skin open and peeling around.  They then gutted them keeping the hearts, gizzards, and livers.  The birds were then brought inside to me where I cleaned them up one last time and vacuumed sealed them whole and placed in the freezer.  The birds averaged about 4-4.5# each with huge meaty breasts.

Overall the experience wasn’t bad at all.  I know alot of people have told us how awful it was and how it made them not want to eat chicken – but it wasn’t much different than processing any other animal for us.  We were not attached to these birds – They were cared for to slaughter.  But we definitely see ourselves processing our own chickens again next year.

Well to finish up another productive week, we took some time to unwind by taking the boys fishing.  The water was moving awfully fast that day so we didn’t catch anything but still had a good time.

DSCF5386 DSCF5385Well the countdown is now at 6 days till baby’s said arrival.  Tucker (our oldest) finds it necessary to run up to everyone (even strangers) and say “My name is Tucker and I’m going to have a BABY SISTER!”   I think it’s cute, haha.  He’s very excited.  What’s really cute is he thinks in order for me to have the baby, I just need to burp really loud and she will come out.  Oh, if it were only that easy 🙂



  1. How precious and innocent Tucker is! I love that he thinks a big burp is all that’s necessary! The barn is lookin’ good and your freezer full of birds looks even better! Good luck with your impending “big burp”! 🙂

  2. Just FYI for future posts…you might want to warn your readers of the upcoming pictures of dead birds. hee hee . I jump and said out loud…OH MY!!!! yes, I’m pretty much non-country, so it definitely caught me off guard! But i’m not going to lie..i’m quite impressed! 🙂 Can’t wait to read the next post…because it will most likely have a baby in it!!! 🙂

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