Project After Project – Knocking Them Out!

After what seems like days of rain – the sun is finally shining.  It’s a nice change from our soggy ground and flooded creeks and rivers.  Hopefully a chance to dry things up a little bit.  Part of me feels that – dare I say – Winter may be over, but I’m still a little hesitant to really say it and even more hesitant to believe it.  The weather has been in the 50s-60s all week.  But despite the bettering weather, we are still unable to put our garden in.  That puts us over a month behind now.  I guess we can plant a Summer garden and double up on the Fall garden to make up for the lack of a Spring garden.  I guess time (and the weather) will tell.

corncribWell in the last few weeks, we have been extremely busy.  With the new baby only about 3 weeks away, we are still knocking out projects around the homestead.  Matt has repaired the roofs on the corn crib and a small barn that sits on the westside next to the field.  This small barn was in rough shape when we moved in.  The foundation has slid out on its side and was in the process of falling over.  We originally decided to just tear it down but now Matt has a purpose for said barn… A Pheasant Sanctuary.  Bird hunting is something my husband really enjoys doing – and with two amazing bird dogs at his side – he goes often.  He always mentioned raising pheasants and now he’s putting that idea into a reality.  He has been fixing up the barn and so far, has done an amazing job.  The barn won’t be brand new by any means, but the wall has been shifted back into place and reinforced so that it doesn’t fall apart anymore.  He’s made new framing and… well really I have no idea what else he’s done out there but he’s done it well.  Although not finished, major improvements have been made.pheasantbarn pheasantbarn interior

Our meat chickens are a little under 2 weeks away from meeting their demise and entering our freezer.  We still have all 17 of them and they are now outside.  We sectioned off a part of the chicken run for them and so far, it has been going well.  They have been sort of a handful to deal with, but it may just seem like that because I’m 9 months pregnant, haha.

meatchickensBut the best news is that our big barn is scheduled to be worked on today!  Yay!  This day has been 2yrs in the making and I’m so excited.  I’m nervous that he’s an hour and half late from the time he said he’d be here – but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was an estimated time.  With all the rain lately, I just prayed the barn would keep holding and that they would come soon to repair it.  Hopefully it will be a day’s job and be over with.  Here are some before pics…

DSCF5348 DSCF5350 DSCF5354 DSCF5355And last but not final – we have embarked on a job of redoing our living room.  I guess we felt having our third kid in 3 weeks wasn’t stressful enough – we felt the urge to tear out our old berber carpet and replace it with laminate flooring and buy new couches.  I will say we are making record timing with this project though.  We sold our old couches, ripped out old carpeting and laid new flooring all in one week’s time.  Not bad for a man who works 40+ hours a week.  Matt leaves on a fishing trip next week so I hope to have our new furniture in before he goes… if the rain will hold off a little while longer.

But after that, I think I’m ready for a break.  I’m ready for my house to be clean again and put together.  Remodeling is kind of bittersweet to me: it’s annoying that your house is more or less destroyed and dirty and in total disarray, but it makes you feel good at the same time because you know something is getting done.  But going thru that ‘nesting period’ when your house is ‘un-nestable’ makes you want to go insane!

Well hopefully the barn guys will show up soon and the sun will stick around.  Matt had to go to Michigan last night for work and said it was snowing up there.  Ugh I hope it stays away from us.  We’ve been burning wood for 6mo now and quite honestly, I’m ready to turn that sucker off!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and a shout-out to my sister – HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!  I LOVE YOU!!



    • Thank you – Just the thought of it crumbling made me sick to my stomach. I know it won’t ever be like it was 100 years ago, but we plan on “bringing her back to life” for sure!

  1. Good luck on the barn! I’m glad you are fixing it instead of tearing it down, which would have been a shame! Your new floor is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it with the new couches. And what’s this about your husband going on a fishing trip – with you so close to D-day??? 🙂

    • Haha, I know it seems like that but really its not. He planned this trip over a year ago – before we decided to have another baby. When we made that decision and I got pregnant, we did the math and noticed how close it was. He’s really nervous about leaving but I keep insisting he goes cause 1) he REALLY needs a vacation of sorts – he’s been working alot lately, and 2) he’s been looking forward to this trip for over a year and finally 3) I really don’t see me going yet. He’ll only be gone 3 days so lets keep our fingers crossed that she waits to make her arrival AFTER he gets home 🙂

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