Road Trip and a New Dog

This weekend was one of those weekends that despite more snow and sleet, it was actually a good weekend.  Good news all around.  It started with a road trip to Cincinnati.  Saturday morning I loaded up and headed the hour and 20 minutes to my Mom and Dad’s house to where I got out and jumped back in her car to drive another hour and 30 minutes to make the long haul to Ikea in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This was my first time ever to Ikea and honestly, I thought it was awesome.

ikeaI’ve never been to any store like it.  It was enormous!  I think we were there for almost 3 hours!  Now that’s alot of walking!  Regardless it was a fun and we came home with some nice things.  Also got some neat ideas for our kitchen…

Back in Indiana, my mom had to stop and show me the local Winter sight attraction – the Ice Tree

icetreeAccording the the pamphlet, the Ice Tree started back in 1961 when a family sprayed a mist of water on a hill to make a small ice slide to the pond.  Overnight the winds picked up and blew the mist on some bushes instead creating a beautiful result.  They now spray continuous water from 3-6 hoses on a tree from submersible pumps installed in the pond.  They add powdered food coloring dye in a garden sprayer to add the colors.  On average it gets 35-40 feet tall and will remain frozen til about April-May.  Here is a link to their facebook page for more information.

So while we were on our trip to Ohio, Matt had a ‘boys day’ with the kids and they had a little fun of their own.  They went and picked up another hunting dog.  Meet Buddy, our new dog.

Buddy is a Llewellin Setter, and actually a ‘friend’ of Blaze, our other hunting dog.  They both came from the same guy.  Seeing them two together is like seeing best friends reunited, haha.  It’s pretty funny.

huntdogsBut from what I hear, Buddy is a superb hunter!  Matt’s worked with him here in the yard and was very impressed.  He’s taking him to the field next weekend so we’ll see how that goes.

And to top that all off, we finally found someone to fix the barn roof!  Yay!  Such a weight is lifted from my shoulders.  After 3 estimates, and two no shows – we were able to shake hands on an agreement.  Now I find the whole process of getting estimates on a job both annoying and comical.  The whole process is just long and blah, but the differences in prices can be outrageous.  Example… We had 2 guys come out on the same day, 2 hours apart.  Their estimates were not $100 off from each other, not $1,000 off…. but $8,000 OFF FROM EACH OTHER!!!  Are you kidding me?!  Matt and I heard that and our jaws just dropped.  Yea, we didn’t go with him.  But the guy we chose said he could get the job done in a day and will start in about a month.  I can’t wait.  One job to mark off our list of things to do.

closetAnd then to wrap everything up, I got Matt wound up to finish our room… or at least our closet… but I’ll take it!  He started last night and hopes to get done this week.  After removing the paneling, he discovered that once again there is no rhyme or reason to why or how this thing was framed up.  Alot of unnecessary boards – none of which are level.  So for about 20 minutes last night – it was demolition in our room as he tore out most of the stuff that was not needed.

So yea, it was a good weekend 🙂  Oh and I got my camera back!  Whoo-hoo!  Just keeps getting better!



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