Heat Wave!

This past Valentine’s Day brought us more snow – a couple more inches.  The following day brought the ice.  It rained for a good chunk of the day and finished off with a light dusting of snow.  I might have argued at the time that we were living on the world’s largest skating rink.  But good news – a heat wave is on the way!  Highs today are in the high 40’s with possible 50’s next week.  The bad news?  Rain is on the way, too.  More water on top of this already melting snow can only mean one thing – flooding.

wpid-IMG_20140220_085805.jpg wpid-IMG_20140220_090034.jpgIt has rained off and on this morning already and will continue to get more – even a storm – later today.  The snow is practically all gone.  Flooding doesn’t affect us too much – just in our basement.  It also makes travel a little inconvenient.  Our back property line is a creek which floods but it’s too far away from the house to actually do any threat or damage.  It does make conditions around here less than ideal with the ground so saturated.  We have strong clay soil so all the excess water just pools up and a swampy mud pit is born.  This makes having an inside dog a pain as you can imagine.

barnWe have started looking for someone to fix our barn.  After this Winter, we have lost a few more sheets of roof metal.  I think the total is near 12 now.  For some reason, this task has been a chore.  I wouldn’t imagine finding someone to fix barn roofs would be so hard – especially where we live – everyone has a barn around here.  Matt made some phone calls the other night and have two guys coming out this afternoon to give some quotes.  Hopefully we can find some reasonable.  I know last year we tried for months and found nobody.  We just found no shows and people who acted interested until they found out its 30-40 feet at the peak and then they were like, “Oh, Hell No”.  That barn is so beautiful, I’d hate to see it crumble down in ruins.  If we could just find a reasonable person to do that, things would be falling into place.

The last two weeks have been rather slow.  I’ve had some lower back pain so I’ve have been taking it easy.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been lazy because I would go insane if I had to sit on my butt all day long doing nothing.  I have been a crochet maniac lately though – helps pass the time.  I’ve finished the baby blanket and made Matt a hat.  (If you didn’t know already, I guess you know now!  After two boys, we’re having a girl)  I made her a little headband thing last night.  I thought it came out really good.  In addition to that, I’ve been working on a dishcloth set for my sister and have a few more projects lined up for me to try.  Better get my fix in because I doubt I’ll have alot of time to do so once baby #3 gets here. (66 more days!)

wpid-IMG_20140220_085836.jpgWell it’s official – we are back at 100% egg production. We’ve been getting about 6 eggs/day for the past 2weeks.  The chickens themselves have been a chore here recently.  With all the ice and snow, the duck has been unable to climb the ramp into the coop.  So duty #1 is to coax her out from under the coop.  (seeing a 7mo pregnant lady crawling under a coop to catch a duck isn’t all that great)  Duty #2 is catching her.  About a week ago I noticed at dusk the chickens were still outside the coop – very weird and uncommon for them.  I picked one up and headed toward the coop.  Opening the coop door, out ran a baby opossum.  It all made sense after that.  About a week later, they are starting to go back in themselves although most of them still need a little ‘boost’.  The chicken run door is open and because of the snow and ice – it is stuck open.  Luckily the coop is elevated and locked up at night so I don’t have to worry about them.  With all this rain and melting snow – things should be getting back to normal in that department.

firewoodWell hopefully the warmer weather brings about a better mood.  (At least it will give us a break on our wood burning!)  All this Winter nastiness has been making us a little ‘ughh’ and ‘blahh’ lately.  I think we could all use a little jump in our moods.  🙂



    • Thanks Mom, You can’t really tell in the pics but the white in the headband has a really light sparkle to it. It’s pretty. I’ll show it to you next time I see you.

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