More Winter, Less Firewood

Well to no surprise, Winter has brought us another batch of nasty snow.  We had a “Winter Storm” as they called it the other day.  Not sure how many inches we got since it’s drifted.  It’s up to by calf in some places and just covering my foot in others.  Either way – it’s there with a thin layer of ice on top… crunchy snow as I like to call it.  On the plus side, the weather has been rather nice – in the 20’s with the sun shining and NO WIND!  Finally!  Now for the bad news – below zero temps are coming in tonight and for the next few days.  And I just got a notice on my phone that there is a wind chill advisory.  Apparently tonight wind chills are from 15-25 below zero.  Looks like that didn’t last long…

winterThe chickens and duck also seemed to have enjoyed the break in bitter cold – yesterday we had 6 eggs!  5chicken eggs and a duck egg.  Not sure if it’s a fluke but if not, we could soon be on our way back to full egg production.  Not a bad way to start off February.

Regardless of the fluctuating temperatures, this Winter has been an all-around bad one this year:  Mostly snow, below freezing temps, and relentless winds.  Our huge wood pile that we started off with this season is now a small pile of rubble.  We are beginning to doubt we have enough to get us thru this month.  Luckily we have a few trees dragged up in the yard that just need cut up… but it’s the fact that they need cut up that is a bummer.  That means hours in the cold for Matt, and I hate that.

This morning, for some reason unknown, our fire in the wood furnace didn’t take off.  It’s like it got snuffed.  I noticed that the furnace was running awhile so I went out to check the fire and all the wood was there, unburnt and not a single spec of coals.  “Oh No” is all I could say as I ran in the house to grab some paper and a lighter.  It took about 3hrs to get the fire going and up to temps.  I keep telling myself it’s almost over, just to hang tight.

So in the meantime, Matt and I have been really considering the possibilities of our homestead.  While we are continuing to finish up some fixer-up duties, we are now having more time to devote to transforming our property to how we see fit.  Some examples we have been talking about are moving the gardens, planting more trees, utilizing the barns more, moving the pasture fence, a pond, etc.  Obviously not all these things can be done this year – especially with a baby due in 3months.  But I feel like things are starting to come together here.  It’s been 2yrs devoted to fixing things and now I think we are at a spot where we can have a little fun 🙂

But even though we both crave that fun, the not-so-fun stuff still has to get done.  Spring cleaning is still in progress here, along with the nursery and taxes… ugh taxes.  I always dread this time of year cause my husband gets rather…moody?  tense?  motivated?  focused?  I’m not sure what you want to call it.  All I know is that when he says he’s going to sit down and do the taxes, I go upstairs.  I think it’s better for both parties involved that way.  🙂  There tends to be alot of grumbling and ‘few choice words’ being slung around.  I just quickly and quietly get the papers he needs and don’t ask alot of questions.

Well Matt just snatched up the boys for a car ride into town to run an errand leaving me KIDLESS!  Oh my what to do with myself.  If I sit on the couch I know I’ll fall asleep so I better finish putting a few things away in the kitchen and then just R-E-L-A-X.  But first, I have to go check the fire…

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  1. wow – you guys are having to endure one storm after another – then another! Hopefully this weekend will be the end of the bitter cold for you. We are finally getting some much needed rain! Hooray! We are in a serious drought here in California. While you are worried that your firewood might not last the cold, I am worried that we will have water for our gardens! Ah well, such is mother nature!

  2. I have a ranch hand who sales me firewood but he’s been MIA since the big chill here. I have no access to forest to cut locally, so the other day at the park some maintenance men were cutting up a tree and they let me load up my truck. Score! This low 40s weather is kicking my tail.

    • I DREAM for the low 40’s! (It’s 13degrees outside right now) My husband cuts all of our firewood but all this below freezing weather has just burnt thru our wood more quickly than expected. Luckily we got ahold of a guy last night who lives a couple mile down the road and he is selling us a couple ricks of wood this evening. Not as good as free firewood, but still a good price. We should make it thru the rest of the month no problem now.

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