Boys Room Reveal

Early Saturday morning, my parents came and picked up our boys to take home with them for the night.  This would be the longest period of time in the last four years that we have been without kids…  But we had a job to do.  Operation Room Makeover.  (I apologize for the pic quality this post.  I left my camera with my mom so I had to use Matt’s phone.  Oops!)

boys roomWith the baby’s arrival only a few months away, we decided now would be the best time to move the boys in together.  Instead of just moving one’s bed and dresser into the other’s room – I wanted to redo the whole room to make it ‘new’.  Not Ollie’s room that Tucker is now invading.  Our boys are 21 months apart with the oldest being 4 so finding a happy median for the two isn’t too difficult.

Upstairs we have two bedrooms and a playroom.  Now our master bedroom downstairs is a whopping 9x10ish room, while the kids’ rooms upstairs are close to 16×16.  Yea, something doesn’t add up there.  But it does make it easier when housing two kids in the same room – especially boys.  Space is not an issue which is nice to not have to worry about.

boys roomNow our boys are very much boys – they rough house, the like to burp, they laugh when they fart, the wrestle, they are hyper and love to run around yelling.  But they also say excuse me and please and thank you – They are the sweetest little guys I know of and I wanted their room to portray that.  With that in mind – I chose bright… bright orange to be exact.  The color itself is called ‘orange slice’ so you know its a good one.

boys roomThey had an issue before with hiding and playing in the closet – they love to go in there because its dark.  But they were so rough with the old accordion style door that they broke it.  I foresee this happening again so I took it off and hung a curtain up instead.  While Ollie likes trains, trucks and cars and planes, and Tucker likes superheros – I chose pirates because it’s the one thing I could think of that they both like.

boys roomNot even 5 minutes after putting them down for bed, we heard feet running around and squealing.  Yea, it’s going to be a long night. 🙂  But one down with one to go – next stop?  The nursery!  Stay tuned!!

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