Time To Bottle The Wine

Over the weekend, Matt finally had some free time to bottle his wine up.  If you remember, this was a wine we started back in July – our Strawberry Rhubarb Homemade Wine.  And out of the few times that we had previously made wine before, this was the fastest and cleanest bottling session that I think we ever had.  I think we have space to thank for this.  (Our old house had a small congested kitchen)  But without further ado, here we go.

wine 011The yeast had been done for awhile so Matt added 6 cups of sugar to 6 gallons of wine to sweeten it up.  He dissolved the sugar in some water beforehand to assure that it would indeed get mixed up and not settle on the bottom.  Him and our taste testers approved to how it turned out so it stayed at 6 cups.  The wine was now ready to be bottled.

wine 002The first thing we did, or Matt did I should say – I was busy putting the kids in bed and putting up the chickens – was to clean and sterilize the bottles.  We got 30 bottles out of this particular batch of wine so you can imagine this took some time.  All the empty bottles with exception of a few were given to us from friends, family and coworkers.  I think I’m more excited to get the bottles out of my cabinet than to have the 6 gallon carboy off the counter!

Once the sanitizing was finished, Matt emptied the carboy into a sanitized bucket with a spout.  We attached a hose (also sanitized) to the spout which had this very clever do-hickey on the end (yes, I know I’m so technical).  No I don’t know the name of it – I’ll call it a trigger.

So basically you turn the spout on and wine filters into the hose.  The trigger keeps the wine from coming out.  My job was to slide the hose into the wine bottles and push the trigger down on the bottom of the bottle.. which released the wine to fill the bottle up.  When I wanted to stop the flow, I lifted the trigger up off the bottom.  From here I would remove the hose from the bottle and then slide the bottle over to Matt who would cork them.  It was a nice assembly line!

wine 004And wholah!  Wine is bottled and ready for drinking!  Now I’m 6 months pregnant so I can’t tell you my personal review of the wine, but from what I’m told – It’s very good.  Not an overly sweet wine but not dry – a subtle sweetness if you will.  My Pops-in-Law didn’t care for it too much but he likes drinking what I like to call kool-aid wine, haha.  He likes that overly, almost syrup, sweet wine.  The color is a translucent reddish color – very pretty.  Just gotta wipe down the bottles and I think I’m going to make a label for them at some point.

wine 010We’ve been discussing which flavor to try next – any suggestions?

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  1. Looks like fun! And a very similar process to bottling beer, but a much longer wait. It’s hard enough to wait a few weeks, much less several months.

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