Winter Storm: Update #1

Well as far as I know, it’s been snowing non-stop since around 6AM.  12 hours later the flakes are smaller, but it is still snowing.  The temperature is starting to drop and the wind is picking up.  The low tonight is -15 but the worse of it comes tomorrow.

We sat on edge this morning while our power flickered on and off for about an hour.  Our Uncle, who lives a mile down the road, and some friends of ours who live even closer all lost power this morning.  Power lines were icing up bad, but as the sun came out everything seemed to settle down a bit… including us.

So while today was not too bad, we spent it prepping for tonight.  Shoveling out the firewood every so often and getting the chickens ready.  I cleaned up the coop and put a new layer of bedding down and wired up the heat lamp.  While I was out there I noticed something in the run…
chicken runThe snow had froze and was building up on the top causing it to sag.  I took a pallet plank from the barn and got to work.  Knocked all the snow off so hopefully it will just fall thru the fencing from now on.

While I was out there, I measured the snow.  Once on the outside table, and once in the yard.  Now keep in mind it is still snowing and will continue to snow into the night.

Should make for an interesting night.  Our friend came with his tractor and plowed the driveway at least so that was very nice of him.  With our cars looking like this, it could get interesting…

carNow we’re about to wrangle up the outdoor pets and bring em in.  Bundle up everyone, It’s going to be a cold one!


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