Cold, Cold, Cold

Well I hope this reaches all of you now that the holidays are beginning to settle down.  Hopefully you all had a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy start to the new year.  Our Christmas time is very busy full of traveling.  Matt and I figured it out that we use more gas in our explorer during the month of December than we do in all the other 11 months COMBINED!  Yikes!  And once Christmas is over, we celebrate our son’s birthday just five days later – he turned 4 this year.  And then there’s New Year’s.  So as you can see, it has been party central in these parts 🙂

bedroomTo help avoid the cold weather outside, we’ve been doing some more remodeling projects on the inside.  Matt is 1/2 way done with redoing our bedroom.  The new walls are up and we will wait till it gets warmer to shellack it.  We still have to redo the closet and built-in bookcase as well as some trim and put stuff back on the walls.  But we’re at least sleeping back in our bedroom opposed to the living room.  We had to put a pause on things for our son’s birthday.  I’m sure everyone would consider us totally NUTS to throw a party while our house was under construction.  And honestly, I don’t recommend it.  It was nearly 48 hrs of constant cleaning but we got it done.  I usually like to decorate the house and cupcakes or a cake for such an occasion but this time, decorations were minimal due to time.  I did manage some ninja turtle balloons though 🙂

In addition to our bedroom, Matt recently ripped out a window that was in our kitchen looking into our front room (used to be a porch).  He put a sill on it and finished it out and it looks so nice.  I need to paint it and probably put a plant on it or something.

In our world outside, the wind has been absolutely horrendous lately.  Living on top of a hill surrounded by fields will do that do you though.  When I go out to feed the chickens, I feel like the little brother off of The Christmas Story – bundled with a scarf up to my eyeballs with my jacket zipped to the top, hood on.  I’m proud of the girls and their first winter – They seem to hate the snow but are still laying.  We still get about 2-3 eggs/day out of 7 chickens and a duck… and I’m happy with that.  But something that’s not too ideal is that a few look like they’re molting!  I have two chickens that I can noticeably tell are loosing feathers around their neck and around their butt – our duck too.
chicken chicken duckI had to Google it cause I know that didn’t seem right.  From what I read, it could be due to stress from the weather and having water freeze and lack of food.  They do deal with freezing water (which I change out 2-3 times/day) and although they have a constant supply of pellets – they aren’t getting their ‘normal’ diet that they got while free ranging.  And to make matters worse – we are about to get the worst winter storm in 20yrs.  Wind chills are to be around -40 (yes, that’s a negative)  The HIGH temp for tomorrow is -10, haha.  That’s going to put a halt on our snowman making – Hopefully we won’t burn thru all our wood.  The snow started early this morning and will continue to snow all day and into tomorrow – estimating around 8-12 inches of snow on top of the 7inches we previously received.

winterTonight we will bring our dog Blaze inside into the mudroom, our barn cat Asher into the basement, and run a heat lamp out to the chickens.  And for us – well we’ll stay cooped up inside for awhile.  I bought the boys some nerf guns the other day for entertainment 🙂

In the last few days while unwinding from the whirlwind of the holidays – I finally learned to do something I’ve wanted to do for years… Thanks to 15 minutes on Youtube, I learned to crochet.  And since then I have been a crocheting maniac, I love it.
crochetI have to give a big thanks to my Mom for the subtle push – whether she knows it or not, she motivated me to try by giving me some yarn, some crochet hooks, and a book for Christmas.  So Thanks Mom, I appreciate it!  I’ve been practicing by making some dishcloths but am feeling antsy to start a blanket for the baby.  Maybe I’ll start that next…

For those of you facing a similar winter storm as us, stay warm and safe.  I’ll give an update later of the storm progress.



  1. Brr!!! We, in central WI are missing the snow but cold, cold cold!!! Not looking forward to taking water to the coop tomorrow when it is -20 without the windchill… Brrrrrrrr!

  2. OOppphhhh……. wow, that’s cold! I don’t know how you do it! Our here in California, it’s supposed to get to about 65 degrees today. That sounds wonderful until you realize that we haven’t had rain in months! We are starting into a pretty severe drought right now and all of California is going to literally dry and shrivel up if we don’t get some water soon! Now, if I could have a little of your snow and you could have a little of our heat………. 🙂

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