Winter’s Here… Now What

winterWell it’s officially that time of year again – when our boots reign dominant and our heavy jackets are a necessity.  Hello Winter.  We gained a couple of inches of snow over the pass few days.  Even as the sun shines and slowly melts it away, it’s cold enough to let it linger longer.  And linger it will.  Temps here on the homestead have been in the 20’s for the high and single digits for the low.  Since we live up on a hill surrounded by fields on 3 sides, the wind has been brutal.  Definitely makes the outdoor chores less enjoyable.

But when Winter arrives, that means it’s time for a project!  Since our home is over 100yrs old, it obviously is in need of some TLC.  To help us from going insane (and broke), we space out our projects.  Usually one in the Winter and one around Springtime before the heat comes on too thick.  For this Winter, we’re FINALLY redoing our bedroom!!  YAY!!  Our bedroom is the only room we have yet to do anything to since we moved in last year.  Although a new floor, it has old paneling for the walls that is chipped and full of holes.  We’re missing half of our baseboard, our bookshelf shelves are uneven and spaced poorly, and our closet doesn’t accommodate our clothes.  So as you can imagine, I am very excited to get this going.  And as of last night, the fun has begun.  Ever wondered how walls were made in the early 1900’s?
bedroomredo bedroomredoThru plaster and wood lathe.  Ugh, this might take awhile but is going to be so worth it.  We’re kind of nervous to see what’s behind the walls – I keep picturing a massive rodent cemetery but time will tell.  For the next few weeks, my husband and I will live out of totes and sleep in our living room.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get this done by our son’s birthday at the end of the month.

In the meantime, stay warm and drive slow.  Anyone else have big Winter projects going on?



  1. We just “finished” our bathroom. Hopefully we can start the kitchen next. Our house is over 100 years old too, no insulation, old scary wiring and horrible plumbing… Fun fun

  2. “…no insulation, old scary wiring and horrible plumbing..” That sounds familiar! Although I think old scary wiring is putting it nicely. We were fortunate enough that the people we bought the house off of fixed the plumbing and most of the wiring – but we’re still left with PLENTY to do. Our kitchen is definitely on the list, but probably will a few years still before we tackle that one. Good luck to you on yours!

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