Snow is on the Way!

Since Thanksgiving, things have been somewhat of a whirlwind around here.  Trying to get alot done before the snow comes.  Thanksgiving was nice.  Like always – good food with good people always makes for a good time.  The next day, Matt and his Dad and Uncle loaded up our dog, Blaze, and headed up north to go pheasant hunting.  Blaze did a good job – they came back with 5 out of 6.  (3cocks, 2hens, and 1rabbit)pheasantI fried one up the following night and Matt said with a full mouth, “It’s so much better than chicken!”

Well hopefully you all are done running with the masses in a shopping frenzy, and have locked up that credit card from online shopping by now.  We did not go out and participate in the after Thanksgiving sales – although we did take advantage of one sale on Sunday at Menards.  Matt and I had decided to redo our room this winter and couldn’t pass up the deal they had on carsiding.
bedroomSo now, our house resembles that of a warehouse with a pile of building materials in the front room, the living room, and our bedroom.  I’m in the process of emptying our bedroom as I write and hope to be done by this evening.  I’m hoping to have this done by Christmas but we’ll just have to see how this goes.  Matt and I are both a little nervous about seeing what lies behind our current walls.  100yr old house… could be anything!

Well last night I went to my Mom’s house for a Thirty-One party – my first ever.  It was fun.  So many neat bags.  As I was there, Matt called me and told me we were missing the duck and a few chickens.  Our girls free-range so we keep the door to the run open throughout the day.  Well apparantly, the wind blew the door shut and they were unable to get back into the coop.  I told him where they seem to hang out the most and he went looking.  He found all but one.  He even got Blaze out to help search but I’m sure she was searching for a different bird than a chicken.  Sadly we assumed the worst.  Another Barred Rock gone.  But we all know what happens when you ASSume…..
chickenI’m not sure where she was hunkered down all night, but she made it.  She was out walking around at day break looking a little frazzled.  The others were found around Blaze’s pen.  It makes me wonder if she was over there because Blaze was barking like a maniac around 2am which is a little odd.  Blaze – possible chicken protector 🙂

Well with all this excitement going on outside, we also have some ‘not so exciting’ excitement going on inside the house. It seems we have a crafty mouse in the house.  It’s either really crafty, or our traps are worthless… I’m banking on the latter.  We bait with peanut butter and every morning, the traps are licked clean.  Can you say frusturating?  So now we have a crafty obese mouse roaming the house.  I’m going out to get our 2nd round of traps this evening.  Something different so hopefully we get this taken care of soon!

And finally with highs in the 60’s yesterday, and in the 40’s today – snow is on the way!  We’re expecting 4-6 inches of snow with some sleet starting early this evening.  I’m not really looking forward to snow, but I’ll take it with a smile over ice.  I feel this winter is going to be a bad one.  If you are one for cutting open a persimmon seed to depict your winters… it’s a spoon.  🙂


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  1. glad to hear the chicken was safe. try the rat sized glue traps for those pesky hard to catch mice. seems like a big waste of money, but works every time. good luck.

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