Pink in the Morning, Sailor’s Warning

sunriseYesterday morning I woke up to a rather colorful sunrise.  It was a good morning – we celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes which made the boys VERY happy.  Although the scenery was very beautiful, it made my stomach uneasy… Pink in the morning, Sailor’s warning.  It was a windy day and as the day went on – temperatures dropped rapidly.  Matt went hunting that morning and saw nothing.  Disappointing.  The cold gloomy day just made it into a lazy day.  Picked up a rocking chair for the baby’s room off of Craigslist, picked up a pizza for dinner and that was it!  The low was 19 with a real feel of 3!  Setup some space heaters in the boys’ rooms to make sure they were warm enough, stocked the fire, and snuggled in for the night with a scarey movie.

This morning, although was still cold, was one for celebrating.  Matt went hunting again this morning and brought us home a 7-pointer!  His biggest buck to date!
deerIt was a nice looking one, too.  Since we have plans tomorrow, we went ahead and processed him up today.  We got 45lbs ground, 4pkg of steaks (24 total), and 1pkg of ka-bob meat.  Another nice addition to help feed our family throughout the upcoming year.
deerLooks like it’s going to be down in the teens again tonight and I still have a kitchen to clean up, boys to put to bed, and a slew of other evening chores.  I better get to it so I can snuggle into bed with a good book at a decent hour.  Stay warm Everybody!!



  1. Congrats on the venison! I love hunting in cold weather. We have a full week of it ahead of us here in Texas. Things get dangerous when temps get below 40.

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