The end of October not only means Halloween for us, it means it’s about time to fire up the ol’ wood stove.

furnaceLast week Matt was away in Michigan for his job for a few days, and I was here corralling the youngin’s and holding down the fort.  Now this was the week that we had scheduled, a month ago mind you, to have our propane tank switched out.  Our home was heated by propane up until last year when we invested in an outside wood furnace.  We had made this appointment to get our humungous tank switched out for a smaller 120gallon tank to use as a backup.

Well as luck should have it, on Matt’s last day in Michigan – not only did the new tank never arrive but something caught my eye as I walked down the hallway.  The thermostat – it was a few degrees cooler than I had set it, and come to think of it I hadn’t heard the fan kick on lately.

Oh no.

I walked outside and checked the tank.  Yup – bone dry.  We were out of gas which meant we had no heat and I had no idea when Matt would be home.  For all I knew he was still in Michigan – a nice 5 hour jaunt.

I texted Matt to call when he could and when he did – I received a nice little wood furnace 101 – short and sweet.  I put Ollie down for his nap, grabbed my partner in crime (who just so happened to be a pig at that moment), and headed outside to start a fire.  (Yes, he kept the nose on the whole time we were out there) 🙂

pigIn no time at all we had a roaring fire.  Houston – we have heat.

furnaceThankfully it wasn’t too cold that day.  We would had been alright to wait for Matt to get home, but the way I look at it – that’s one less thing for him to deal with.  Before heading back inside, Tuck and I walked out to the persimmon tree.

persimmonThey are full color now.  Not soft yet but I think I’ll be picking them soon and letting them ripen in a paper bag.  I know deer have found them since all the grass is matted down all around the tree.  They second they get soft – deer, squirrels, and everything else will be all over them!  I’ll just add that to my list of things to do.


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