Kendall Recreation Area

Well there you have it – Welcome to the best campground around (in my personal opinion).  The campground is located in Jamestown, Kentucky below the Lake Cumberland dam.  With Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery next door, trout fishing is usually the name of the game.  While we were there, on one day they released 100,000 trout from the hatchery into the river.

kendallSo we are back from our trip and I must say it was a good one.  Not only did the boys do really well for the six hour drive, they did well camping in the rain and cold.  They sported their red noses with pride!  I was disappointed in the fact that I didn’t get as many pictures as I hoped to – the day I had picked to take pictures, it decided to rain and be foggy.

kendallOn the plus side, Matt did get to take Tucker out fishing on the boat.  Caught 4 trout.

fishkySince I didn’t get any (but the 3 above) pictures, here’s a few from previous trips – our big catches.  If you have been here to Kendall Recreation Area, sound off below and share your experience!  Hope you enjoy!

megky mattky


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