Don’t Go Down In The Basement

Last night, we all went to my sister-in-laws for dinner.  It’s a long 45 minute drive there but we were greeted with good food.  We had soups – a spicy vegetable/sausage one, and soup beans – cornbread and homemade bread.  Good food with good people made for a good time.  We made it back home around 8:45pm.  Piling into the house we were greeted by an unfamiliar face… well familiar but not so much IN the house.  Our barn cat, Asher, was inside.  Matt and I looked at each other puzzled like “how did he get in here?” and my next concern was “did he poop everywhere??”  We started unloading what we were carrying up on the counter when we heard it…

A slow…deep…raspy…growl.  Matt and I very slowly turned and looked at each other not wanting to admit we had just heard what we heard.  Now all the lights in the house were off except the kitchen where we were all standing.  We knew it was growling but we just didn’t know what it was and more importantly, where it was coming from.  We started to investigate…

Room by room we walked around flipping on lights and checking closets.  I turned on Curious George for the boys to both keep them occupied for a few minutes and distract them from what we were doing.  Our oldest, Tucker, was too smart for that.  He didn’t want to leave my side.  He could tell something was up by how cautious we were being.  We checked upstairs which concluded the entire house and found nothing.  But while up there, Matt heard it again…. growling.  This time I saw him looking at the vent.  It’s in the basement.

new 142Our house is old – built in 1900.  We have open vents in the floors that lead straight down into the basement.  Some are hooked to ductwork, others are air returns.  Either way, you can hear everything in the basement in our kitchen.  As Matt called his Uncle over for “backup” – he lives under a mile down the road – Tucker perked up and let us know he figured out what was in the basement…

Tucker: “It’s not scarey. A raccoon is in the basement”

Me: “A raccoon?  Is that what’s making that noise?”

Tucker: “Yep, he’s sleeping… he’s snoring”

Uncle shows up, bat and flashlights in hand, and him and Matt made their trip downstairs.  I use the term “basement” loosely – it’s more of a glorified crawlspace.  Block walls, concrete floor… you have to cock your head to the side to dodge ductwork and pipes.  It’s a place we store a few totes of holiday decorations and cans of paint, but I don’t even like having that down there.  Anyways they found nothing.  No snoring raccoon, no p’d off oppossum – nothing.  The only thing we can think of is that it left the way it came.

I did a walk around the side of the house this morning and checked for digging.  I didn’t see much.  I’ll look more closely later today and move the leaves around.  Matt called his Dad last night and told him what happened and his Mom said she’ll never watch the boys alone in the house again, haha.  She told us our house always scared her and I think this might have been the icing on the cake.  I personally don’t think it’s the house that scares her, I don’t think she’s easy being in the country with nothing around.  It’s not for everyone.


Now I’m a sucker for horror books and movies – not so much the blood and gory ones – but the scare of it all.  The suspense.  For years I’ve loved Dean Koontz and Stephen King and other similar authors.  I grew up loving movies like The Exorcist and Carrie.  I always liked the ones about ghosts.  Believe it or not, I even took a class in college on horror movies.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I got college credits for watching horror movies and learning about the evolution of them. Best. Class. Ever.

readingBut movie vs book – I’ll pick book everytime.  I was blessed with what I like to call a overactive imagination – which makes reading books awesome.  I would lay on the couch when I was a teenager and read these books when I was home alone and have to stop because I would start to scare myself… imagining I was hearing things and whatnot.  How many people do you know that can make themselves jump by reading a book??

But that whole growling last night did kind of spook me a little bit.  Obviously not too much, cause after we put the boys down, we went and watched Walking Dead 🙂


What kind of books/movies do you all like reading/watching?



  1. Oh my. Not me! I think hearing a growling in my house and then not being able to find the source would just send me over the edge! Shudder. I would start to imagine all of the horrible things that are lurking in the dark, obviously seeing me but me not seeing them……… or it! Okay, now here come the goose bumps! Yeah – go ahead and call me a scaredy cat! HAhaha

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