Freezing Apples

This is going to be a quick post because, quite frankly, freezing apples is a cinch!  Time consuming, yes – but very simple.  Dare I say “Fool-proof”.  So here we go…

applesYou want to pick firm crisp apples.  Since our trees were mature when we moved in, I’m not sure what kind of apples we have.  One tree has red apples, and the other has green.  For this round of freezing, I’m using a bucket of reds.

applesetupHere is my setup (minus the food processor – that’s for applesauce).  You will need a pot of boiling water, a bowl of a produce protector mixture such as 1quart water to 1cup lemon juice, a bowl or sink of cold water, a knife, peeler, and/or an apple slicer, and of course…apples.

new 139The first thing you want to do is peel, slice and core your apples.  Now I’ve done this two different ways.  The first year I did apples I used a peeler and a knife to cut them in chunks.  I found this to be very time consuming.  It worked but it seemed to take forever. This year I splurged and got me an apple slicer.  It’s the kind that cut the apple into little wedges and take out the core.  After I used this baby, I took a knife and peeled the skins off and cut out any bad spots.  Worked like a charm.  I think this will be my go-to method from now on.

But after you have your peeled apple slices, place them in the lemon juice/water mixture.  This will help prevent your apples from turning brown.  Once I get a few apples sliced up and in the mixture, I transfer them with a slotted spoon to my pot of boiling water.  You want to boil them for 2minutes.

new 130After your two minutes, take your slotted spoon and scoop out your apples placing them in cold water.  You might have to add ice periodically to keep the water cool.  Once apples are cooled down, I personally would scoop them out and place them on a towel and dap them (or you can use a strainer to drain excess water).  Then place them in a labeled freezer bag.  Seal and freeze.  That’s it!  You’ve just freezed some apples!!

new 129I freezed mine in quart bags, which took about 10 apples per bag (give or take).  With these apples we will make apple crisps when we go camping, but you can also use them for pies and other apple baking recipes.  ENJOY!!

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    • No – that I’ve noticed. We made apple crisps 2 weekends back and I tasted no lemon taste – and we even added more lemon juice for the recipe. I don’t leave the apples in that mixture long – just a couple minutes. (I read in the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving not to soak more than 10 minutes.)

  1. I have quite a few apples I’m not going to be able to eat and was wondering about this over the weekend. Thanks for the info.
    Found you on Homestead Barn Hop #130

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