Changing Seasons

Even with the onset of Fall, we remain busy over here.  Busy putting up the last of the harvest, Busy setting preparations to fix the barn before Winter hits, Busy getting firewood, and lastly – Busy enjoying the cool crisp air and changing colors.  Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons – its not hot or cold – it’s just right.  Nice days with cool nights.  Paradise.

With the cool nights coming – it means hunting season is coming!  Turkey starts here in a few weeks, followed by pheasant and quails, squirrel and rabbit, and deer.  Not to mention ginseng in there, too.  This is the time of year when the hubby leaves for work in the morning and returns back home at dark.  While he’s at work outside, I’m finishing up canning and freezing.

Well our garden is pretty much done for – although we do have a pumpkin plant blooming so I’m looking forward to that.  I can’t remember what kind of pumpkins we planted though (oops!).  So either we’ll have jack-o-lanterns for Halloween or pie pumpkins for the freezer.  Time will tell I guess.  For now I’ve been occupying my time with apples – a ridiculous amount of apples… and I thought tomatoes were bad 🙂  Although totally worth it, it is very time consuming.

So far, we have been putting some up in the freezer for apple crisps – we like to make them camping in the dutch oven.  But coming soon will be applesauce, apple butter, apple pies, and maybe cinnamon apples.  Oh and persimmons!  Forgot all about those!!  I need to walk down there and check on them.

Well over the weekend we took a break and went camping.  Although it was wet, it was perfect weather for camping – low 70’s during the day and 40’s at night.  The boys had a blast.  We have a popup camper and the boys think it’s the coolest thing.  We even got to go fishing which was alot of fun.  It was Tucker’s first time fishing and he did great!  As soon as Matt would cast it out, Tuck would immediately reel it back in celebrating when he saw his worm – “I did it!”  Even with Catalpa worms, we returned sans fish.  Regardless, it was fun.

Egg production is still going strong – we average about 5/day.  We have been blessed with beautiful eggs and many double yolkers which is always fun to crack open.  Even had a few double yolk duck eggs – these things are monsters!

Speaking of monsters – I went out to get the mail yesterday and saw this in the yard.  (barf!)

I’m not going to lie – I may have either gasped and jumped back a few feet, or passed out – it’s hard to tell.  Either way I’m sure I looked the same.  But what makes it better is that Matt even showed me that skin the day before… I just forgot about it.  Heehee.  That’s one way to get your blood pumping I guess.

Well that about sums it up for around here.  I’ll be posting a short little post on freezing apples hopefully later today so look out for that.  Hope you all are enjoying the onset of Fall (or summer for a few of you) in your areas!

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