Best Room In The House

Everyone has one – a favorite cup, a favorite chair, a favorite room or spot to sit in.  I thought I’d take the time to share with you my favorite room.  In my opinion, it’s the best seat in the house – It’s our front room…

frontroom18It hasn’t always looked like this.  When we first moved into our house 2 years ago, this room was actually a front porch.  It had chipboard on the walls and ceiling, a cement floor, a screen door and little camper style windows.  It was a room the boys would roll their muddy tractors in, a room that was engulfed in wasp hives, a room we rarely used.

frontroom8My husband got the idea to redo it and make it part of the house – and that we did.  I don’t really have any ‘before’ pics because when we were in the ‘planning stage’ Matt and his Dad got all worked up talking about it that the next thing I know, they are in there ripping the walls out!!  I poked my head in and subtly asked, “um, whats going on in here?” and they replied, “just looking”.  And with that, it had begun.  We ripped out the chipboard walls and ceiling and got rid of all the wasp hives.  Behind the chipboard, the walls were packed with straw for insulation.  Slowly we got it all tore out and next came the windows…

frontroom1frontroom4 frontroom5We ripped all the windows out to replace with 5 foot windows.  This part wouldn’t had been so hard if the previous windows, and wall for the matter, would have been built correctly… but it wasn’t.  Matt and his Dad, Randy, had to re-frame the windows and reinforce the wall in specific places.  So far, this job was turning out to be more work, and more money, than we anticipated.  That’s what you get for updating a 100 year old farmhouse I guess 🙂

frontroom9 frontroom3The windows were in and now we packed it full of insulation!

frontroom2frontroom10After all that, we replaced the front door, replaced a floodlight outside, and installed a ceiling fan.  Now the fun part (not really) – drywall.  Have you ever had the experience of hanging drywall in a room where none of the walls are square and nothing lines up?  I hope you never do.  I’ll tell you it makes this kind of stuff a little more… challenging.  I even got Matt, God bless him, to build me a small wall so that I could have a little recessed bookshelf.  I think it turned out great!

frontroom14 frontroom13 frontroom12Now every house I’ve ever lived in had white walls… in just about every room, except our bedrooms – but even then at least half the wall was white.  So my husband and I made it somewhat of a necessity to NOT have any white walls in our home, and I’m proud to say we don’t!  I chose a light orange/peach color for this room and I love the way it turned out.  We then layed some brown carpet – a job that was suprisingly easy for my husband and I to do.  We used kangaback carpet with attached padding – basically you lay double-sided tape down and the carpet on top of it.  Very simple and for us, way more affordable.  (We have this style of carpet upstairs in the boys’ rooms and playroom and it has so far stood up to running, sliding, scooting, cars, and more just fine.)

frontroom11We added window trim and a baseboard and we were pretty much done.  The room turned out better than expected.  And Matt finally got his antler fan 🙂  Special thanks go out to my sister and her husband for giving us their old couch and chair! (Thanks Kim and Dean!)

frontroom18frontroom16 frontroom17Zoey even got a secluded corner to call her own and keep the boys off of her!

frontroom19My flower garden outside the windows is a work in progress and honestly probably will be for quite some time.  There’s a few flowers out there now but mostly dirt, grass and weeds.  To take away from all that though – we have 3 hummingbird feeders positioned around those windows.  No matter where you are sitting in the room, you will be able to see at least one of the feeders.  I love watching hummingbirds.  At times we have up to 10 hummingbirds at once!  They sure put on a good show.

frontroom20So there you have it – the most relaxing, and most used, room in the whole house.  Me and the hubby sit in here all the time, and the boys love running in and out, smearing their little faces and hands all over the windows!  It’s nice in the morning to sit here and watch the deer in the fields – or even to watch it snow or rain.  I’m a rain watcher and Matt is a snow watcher so either way, it works.  And if all fails – I guess the room makes for a good hiding place as well…

frontroom15Any of you have a favorite room in your home?

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  1. Love the hummingbirds!! And totally jealous. I have only seen two at a time. Our house is super old and we haven’t fixed anything up yet since we moved in 17 months ago, but my office is always my favorite. Filled with my books and nic nacs.

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