Today’s A Good Day

sunflowerIt’s been somewhat relaxing here lately – everything seems to be falling into place.  Last week we announced to our families that my husband accepted a new job – A true blessing that I am forever thankful for.  To give you all an idea of just how awesome this is, his commute – one way – has gone from 1 hour to 8 minutes.  WHOA!  Instead of driving on the interstate or highway, he takes two country back-roads.  And this is only one of the perks along with better insurance.  Again, a true blessing i am forever thankful for.

Yesterday we picked more tomatoes from the garden – I think I’m up to 24 now, which is just enough to start some stewed tomatoes.  I even managed to pick some rhubarb!  What?  Does anyone else think that’s strange picking rhubarb in August?  I do but I will not complain!  Got me about 10 more cups out of it all.


I walked out this morning to let the chickens/duck out and still no eggs.  They are 20 weeks today so I continue to wait.  Seems like forever!  They are really taking their sweet time.  I have noticed that they’ve been getting in the nesting box so I take that as a good sign.  But as I was out there, I realized that our animals are all confused and I’ll explain.  I have a duck who thinks she’s a chicken and chickens that think they’re cats.  Every morning I let them out and they will run (literally) to our back door to look for cat food.  I caught them in it once and had to move it.  But now our cat – he thinks he’s a dog, and our dog… well I’m not sure she knows exactly what she is, haha.

chickens chickens

Matt finished up cleaning/sealing our outdoor wood furnace this weekend.  It’s now good to go come wintertime.  Last year was our first year with it and it was awesome.  We do get a little tickled of the thought of having to heat our home… outside our home.  I mowed the yard, we all at ate pizza, took the boys to the creek… it was a good day.

Last night I got the itch again – the “gotta can everything in sight” itch.  I blame my Aunt and Uncle.  They live about a mile down the road and one of the best neighbors you could ask for.  Seems like we at least drop by and visit once a week almost.  Just blab on the porch watching hummingbirds while the boys go nuts in a container full of cars and tractors.  Well when we were over the other day, they sent us home with a bucket of sweet potatoes, and one of the those huge Kohls bags full of corn.  And that was what I canned.  About 6lbs of sweet potatoes, and 66 ears of corn.  Turned out to be 7 pints taters, and 17 pints corn.

sweet taters corn DSCF5136 DSCF5137

I think I better rearrange my pantry!  But before I go, I have to show you what Matt found in the woods the other day…

persimmonIt’s a persimmon tree… and it’s loaded!  The hunt for persimmon pudding is on!

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  1. Megan,

    You amaze me! I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! And it amazes me how you’ve taking to the country life! I’m kind of envious, I wish I would have branched out just a little and learned about gardening, canning and living off the land. Keep your stories coming! Oh, Kelly and I had fun with Tucker when he and Matt visited what I hope is Kelly and Corey’s new house!

    Aunt Sharon

    • Oh yes, Tuck told me ALL about it! Thanks for the comment, makes me feel good hearing you enjoy it. I’ve seen pics of the house and it looks real nice! I really hope things work out. Watch out though, been hearing talks of putting in a garden there! 🙂

  2. What great photos – absolutely LOVE the sunflower one on top… Beautiful! I’m secretly envious of your gifted produce and love that you’ve put it to good use and already have it preserved. Thank you so much for sharing your story. (Visiting from the ‘From The Farm’ Blog Hop)

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    • Wow, thank you so much! Yes, our garden has done well this year and its not over yet! We have apples and persimmons to be picked soon so the chaos ensues a little longer. (Not to mention when hunting season kicks in.) I have stopped by your blog a couple times before and have enjoyed reading your stories as well. 🙂 Guess I should make it easy on myself and follow you instead of ‘following’ you via blog hops, haha. From here in Indiana to you in Texas – thanks so much!

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