Homemade Wine

It’s time to reveal – We are keeping with the trend and making homemade Strawberry Rhubarb wine.  (as you can see we had an ABUNDANCE of rhubarb)  I think I’m going to make a few more jars of preserves and then take a break from the ol’ rhubarb… at least until a pie is needed 🙂

So on to wine making – on the first day, we took 14pounds of strawberries and 7pounds of rhubarb and stuffed them into panty hose, tying a knot at the top.  We squeezed and squeezed until our hands hurtl  We added some water, sugar, a can of grape juice concentrate, along with pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, and wine tannin.  That concoction sat for a few days, squeezing the bags and stirring occasionally.

wineThen we added the yeast….  Looks pretty yummy, eh?

yeastA few days later the bags were removed and it was ready to be siphoned off into the secondary where it will sit for about the next 5 months.  Sorry, but you’ll have to wait awhile to see how it turns out 🙂

In addition to wine making, Matt went to Trade Days this morning (think big outdoor flea market) and brought home a huge $5 peach tree to add to the ones we have. He’s a skinny feller but he’ll grow – I joked with Matt saying the guy really saw him coming and just cut a branch and stuck it in a bucket, hehe.


Matt also got busy on one of the many jobs we have to do this summer: capping off the chimney.  Matt’s Dad, Randy, is a bricklayer and we were fortunate to have his help on the job.  Randy got up there and said the bricks were good but the mortar was shot – so he tore it down to where it was still good and capped it off.  The main reason in doing this was to fix some leaking that had been occurring upstairs.


The boys watched closely as Matt picked up the bricks out of the yard and stacked them into the front loader on his tractor.  And then… tractor rides!  Whoo!

new 050

Although someone didn’t take too well when his turn was over…

But we got alot done today.  Even found time to start cleaning out the garage, which is a job in itself!  I believe its going to rain for the next 2 days so now back to the housework.  Tucker and I have allergies going pretty good right now.  We both look pretty rough, but I’ll probably can some green beans this evening.  They are looking pretty small and scrawny this year, but they’ll eat.  But for now – the hummingbird feeders need filled 🙂

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    • Wow, I never even thought of that! (Where were you a couple weeks ago?) We just might have to make this again just so we can try that, haha. Thanks for the tip!

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