Me vs. Grass

You ever find yourself sitting there and you all of a sudden get this little itch – an urge, a desire, to totally rearrange something?  Yea – as you can tell, I got that and gave the ol’ blog a makeover.  I was ready for a change – this should do for awhile 🙂

Well today was probably the hottest day of the week – (taking humidity into account) a whopping 105 degrees!!  And I spent it doing yardwork.  I know some of you are thinking I’m insane, but when you’re in the notion to get something done – you better just run with it.  Allow me to fill you in on WHY I was outside:  When we got home from our vacation, our yard needed mowed.  It was fairly long.  Well when you mow tall grass – it just lays around in the yard, killing the “real” grass underneath.  I thought mowing over it might chop it up more…. nope, it doesn’t.  So I spent like almost 3hrs raking grass today.  I swear it was an acre!  I never want to touch a rake again.  But I took alot of breaks and drank alot of tea and GOT IT DONE!  Even got me a little (not so helpful) help…


Well that’s about it for now – just really wanted to showcase the new look.  And to give you a little something of what’s to come – Matt and I are in the wine making business again after a few year break.  Here’s a peek… any ideas what kind it is?




  1. it looks like the pomagranit wine I did last year but, I know they ar’nt ready for picking yet. so maybe another red fruit? please tell us soon. am dying to know what kind it is.

  2. Hi Megan! Just wanted to check out your blog. 🙂 We’ve never tried wine making, but we make our own beer. Wine making is definitely on the list of things I would like to try. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by! Oddly enough – we make wine and the hubby has always wanted to make beer. 🙂 We’ll have to swop recipes!

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