It’s That Time Again!


Aside from all the rain we’ve had so far, I think this year is going to turn out pretty good.  We’ve been blessed with cabbage, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, and cucumbers so far.  Should be ready for some green beans here in the next few days.  We have green tomatoes now, and blossoms of zucchini and melons.


Stopped in at Rural King last night to pick up a few canning supplies I was needing.  Picked up a pack of spicy pickles – never seen these before so I thought we’d give them a try.  Made a batch last night and it went smoothly.  I’ll tell you what though – When you pour that packet into boiling water, stand back!  Those vapors will get you!  Few seconds after I poured it in I was coughing and sneezing like crazy!  Felt like I ingested some jalapenos.  Matt was in the other room and said he felt like it was stuck in his throat.  Might help if you have a fan above your stove… we don’t.  But never the less, I’m excited to try the outcome.  Here’s a few pics from last night…

pickles pickles pickles pickles

The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous!  We’re talking 80’s during the day and low 60’s at night.  Everything is so green – its so pretty.  Not to mention all the deer we’ve been seeing lately in the bean fields.


We have also had a couple unwanted visitors here lately – big fat nasty raccoons.  We’re pretty sure that’s what got our chicken and beat our cat up… I don’t think I told you that story!  Well, lemme digress!  About a month ago, I walked out to let the chickens out in the morning and our cat came up to me with a huge scratch down his back and the whole side of his neck was bare with no fur – straight down to the skin.  He had ticks all over his lacerations.  I got him cleaned up and treated him the best I could.  Over the next few days he developed an abscess on his neck… Basically a “bubble” formed under his skin as a result of rough fighting or even a bite.  Bacteria festers and then finally bursts out a small hole in his neck and drained puss.  Sounds disgusting doesn’t it?  We kept it clean and within a month, his fur has grown back and is doing well.  But back to raccoons, Matt went outside to feed Blaze one night and found Asher shimmied up a 4×4 post while  a raccoon ate his food.  That didn’t set well with us at all.  So over the weekend, Matt and his friend Corey did a stake-out to “take care of the problem”.  They were a no show.  The following night, we opened the back door and our cat was surrounded by 3 raccoons.  2 ran in front of our stove so we couldn’t get those, but Matt got the third one that ran on top of our wood pile.  It was a good shot – He died within 5 seconds.  It’s not something we want to do, but we can’t have raccoons getting comfortable around our home – especially on our doorstep!  We checked last night and didn’t see any so hopefully lesson learned.


Still no eggs from the chickens or duck.  They are 16 weeks old today so I’m guessing anytime.  I’ve heard of some laying as early as 13 weeks!  Wouldn’t that be nice!  They are pretty well adjusted to me now.  Sometimes when I’m in the yard, they run up to me or follow me around.  At night, the duck walks up to me and sits down as if waiting to be put in the coop.  I’ve been trying to teach her to walk up the ramp.  If I put her at the end of it – she’ll walk up… she just won’t do it on her own.

Well it’s almost 10am and I have yet to make coffee (Priorities, Megan!)

Hope you all have a lazy Sunday!

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  1. Funny we have a baby pool in our yard too, but it is specifically for the chicken to drink out of. We also have new chickens but they are only about 11-12 weeks old so it will be a while for eggs, but our last set of chickens (Rhode Islands) started laying at 16 weeks, so hopefully your girls will too 🙂 I am sorry about the raccoon and your poor kitty… we had a couple of our Rhode Island ladies hurt by wild animals, but luckily they have healed. I am really enjoying your blog 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Yea, the kids cracked a hole in the pool so it was patched and demoted to the duck 🙂 That’s pretty good news about your chickens – gives me hope for ours. I keep thinking “today is THE day” and then it turns into “TOMORROW is THE day”, hehe. So glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  2. Everything looks great! My Heritage rhode island reds and chanteclers are 14 weeks so getting there! Cant wait! I had to take the kiddy pool out for now as my younger mottled houdan chicks tried to perch and drink from it and one day I found two drowned and the next day I found another chick in it half drowned(Thankfully survived). I swear those houdans are accident prone!

    • Oh my, Sorry for you lose. I’ve heard about that happening before – chickens drowning in kiddie pools. Guess that’s one reason I kept mine outside the run. Makes no difference really, I’ve seen mine perched on it a few times but only when the duck is in there. (I guess I should mention we have a duck who think she’s a chicken – they go everywhere together, haha.) So I guess we’re in this “waiting game” together 🙂 Hope it’s not seeming like a lifetime wait for you! ALMOST THERE!!!

  3. I have 5 outdoor cats and 3 raccoons who keep coming for “dinner”. I live in the city of Atlanta so I can’t shoot them, although I don’t think I could even if I lived on a farm. I am going to trap them and relocate them to the countryside soon. However no matter what, they do not show up nightly. It is every 2-4 days. I’ve read that they have routine places they travel to for food so maybe they just haven’t gotten back around to ya’ll yet. Good luck.

    • We have at least one fat one that is still coming around. We move the food to different places and it seems to take a day or two before they find it. We tolerate it for now. Good luck to you as well!

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