Back To Reality

Coming home from vacation is almost, at times, a cruel joke.  There’s no easing back into the day to day grind.  It’s just here waiting for you to come back.  We just spent the last week in Florida and we had a blast.  It was the first vacation for our youngest and BOTH boys did fantastic!  My husband and I really enjoyed our vacation and seeing the boys so excited just added to it.  We stayed at a timeshare that Matt’s brother-in-law ‘s coworker owns.  She made us an offer we couldn’t refuse!  It was a huge house with a screened-in, in-ground pool and hot tub.  Our boys would request the pool as soon as they woke up.  Our youngest even went as far as to jump in still in his pajamas! (yes, someone was in the pool to catch him)  They’ll do just about anything to play in water.


But since we don’t do much throughout the year – We thought we’d do something special for the boys while we were in Florida.  Since we were only 20 minutes away – we took them to Disney for a day. 🙂


I was hesitant about taking a 1yr and 3yr old to Disney but they loved it!  I’m so glad I let my husband talk me into it.  And I am proud to brag that we did not have one single meltdown for the entire 13 hours at Disney!  Whoo!

But after a week, I was ready to come home.


We had 9 peaches waiting for us when we got home… hands down the BEST tasting peaches I have ever had!  Makes me excited for the trees to mature and makes me impatient for our apples!!

That night Matt was helping me with my night chores and I asked him if he had the choice, if he’d want that fancy house we stayed in all last week or our old farm house.  Without hesitation he said our old farmhouse.  I smiled so big because I agreed, too.

So now its back to the day-to-day grind of chores, bills, and a 100yr old house that enjoys picking on my husband.  We had a weed infested garden to tend to, a yard to mow, a nesting box to build since eggs are coming soon!  I’m so excited!


Now if the rain will only stop…


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