I Hope This Isn’t A Trend


We lost a chicken.

I always lock up the chickens/ducks after I put the boys down for bed.  Last night, this simple task of ‘bedtime’ took at least an hour.  My oldest was not wanting any part of it, but alas he finally stayed in bed.  With a list of things still yet to do, I hurriedly walked outside put the duck up and locked the run door.

This morning, walking out to open the pop door, there was a chicken in the run.  This is NOT normal.  She must have been out last night and I didn’t see her.  Question is WHY was she out?  The girls are so good about going in the coop themselves at night.

I opened the pop door and fed everybody.  Walking away I counted them. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7…. 7?  Where’s the other one?  I checked the coop.  Nothing.

My gut was hurting.

I walked the yard looking places I know they like to go.


I did a perimeter walk around the coop to make sure the fence was good and no signs of digging… and I found it – the pile of feathers.

Not sure what it was or how/when it happened.  Ugh, This sucks.

I should have counted my chickens last night…

ALWAYS Count Your Chickens

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  1. Oh, that is so sad. Yes, I always count my chickens. I actually try to spend the last hour of their day sitting in my chair in their run. Then I watch them all go off to bed. They have an automatic pop door that closes about 20-30 later, but I don’t worry about the time difference because no one leaves the coop once they get on their roost positions.

    How sad for you. I am so sorry 😦

  2. Oh how awful. Always count your chickens is so true. Ours has been going to the coop to roost properly for months now recently when it’s about bed time a couple of them have decided to start roosting outside on the run (it’s higher). so, now we are trying to retrain them. Ugh!

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