Time For An Update

Wow has it been awhile!

Might have to split this update into 2 posts, but here we go…

Well after days of rain (again) and the sun finally shining… we seem to all find ourselves busy.  The farmers have especially taken full advantage of the beautiful day as we have seen sprayers going up and down the road all morning.  The three fields surrounding us were all sprayed in the span of an hour.  They obviously have things to do and are wasting no time getting to it!  It made a nice view to watch while drinking some coffee in the morning though – the boys went nuts over seeing them.  Picture alot of “ohhhh” and “whooaaa” while having noses pressed against windows.

sprayer***After spraying our field, we noticed that our garden that sits side-by-side to the field got hit and about 85% of our crops in it were killed.  Not good.  It’s more unfortunate than anything – I’m not mad.  It was windy that day and I know it didn’t happen on purpose.  The “fill-up truck” (I don’t know what its called) was parked in our driveway and draped hoses over our garden to fill up the sprayer in the field.  Everything around that area is fried.  The only good thing is that the corn in our garden was an overflow so we have more planted in a different plot.  About 95% of our beans look like they’ll pull out of it, and our peas look just fine.  Here’s hoping for the best.

Matt got the limb cut up out back which has put us off to a great start for firewood this winter.  It also allowed us to mow our forest of a yard.  You know the grass needs cut when you start to worry about snakes… and we were to that point lonngg ago!  I’m by no means a snake person.  I don’t scream when I see them, but when I do see one – my face tends to resemble that look you get when you’re about to throw up.  If one ever got in the house – I wouldn’t know what to do… besides panic.  Hehe.  But our grass was so long, after mowing its just all piled up all over the place so I’ve been raking it up.  It’s slowly starting to look nice again.  Now we just need to trim…

Matt has also made out like a bandit by getting free Locust firewood!  And tons of it.  I guy he knows it clearing trees all throughout the summer to build something and offered him all the wood from it.  We couldn’t believe his generosity.  He doesn’t need it and the way he looks at it – now he doesn’t have to dispose of it.  After summer is over, we’ll be more than ready for winter.

2 loads plus the fallen limb. More on the way!

Well our two male ducks, Lester and Felix, have found new homes.  We put an ad out and a couple from a nearby town came by and took them home.  I feel a bit relieved since I wanted to find them new homes before they started to get ‘amorous’ since they are with chickens and only one female.  Didn’t see anything good coming out of that scenario.  Now I’m left to find another female companion for Ms. Kay.  She’s been doing well after the fellas left – have become somewhat of a protector of the chickens.  They stick together whenever they’re out and around the yard.  I’ll keep looking – seems like only drakes are for sale right now.

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend.  We usually get together with Family and Friends for a little campout at our Uncle’s house.  It basically is a weekend of cornhole playing, story-telling, a little beer drinking and a whole lot of EATING!  When we camp, we eat better than we EVER eat at home.  That’s just how we do it.  The boys and I showed up that Saturday for a humungous seafood boil.

wpid-IMG_20130525_192412.jpgCorn on the cob, red potatoes, oysters, crab, crawfish, shrimp, sausage – and that’s not counting all the sides and other add-ons.  It was so incredibly delicious.  I enjoy crawfish and it’s been a long time since I had them last – I’m talking at least 10yrs.  My oldest also seemed to enjoy the crawfish the most cause he kept asking for more!  But it did end up raining but it didn’t slow down the party.  I took the boys home that night and came back the next day for pork loins, beans, a bunch of sides and fixings and a strawberry-rhubarb pie fresh from the garden.

pieI’ve been making a few of these here recently – they’re just so good!  The last one I made was for my Grandpa for his 90th birthday! (I love you, Stud!)

But now since the rain seems to be slowing down, we are back to weeding the gardens because grass is EVERYWHERE!!!  It’s even taking over our gravel driveway.  I bought some vegetation killer and started putting that down over the driveway and it is helping, but could use another application.  In some spots, I doubt you’d even know there was gravel there because it is so covered up with grass/weeds.

Can you find the onions?

Well I think its about time for my morning coffee!  It’s going to be a hot sunny day today so I might go fill up the kiddie pool for the boys 🙂  Hope you all have a fantastic day!!

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  1. Wow – you are one tolerant person! I would have been spitting mad if my garden had been destroyed by overspray! I think maybe you should move your garden as far away as you can from having that happen in the future.

    • Haha, I think it helps that our farmer is a good friend of ours – That way I can honestly say it was an accident. 🙂 And I know when we tell him he’s gonna feel bad, but we’ll work something out – maybe have them do the filling closer to the road where the field access is. And if that’s not doable, we’ll have to – like you said – move it somewhere else.

  2. You’ve had a lot going on. Free firewood is awesome! We have had an over abundance of rain too. The yard still needs mowed and the garden is overrun with weeds too. This is the wettest May and June that I can remember. Thanks for sharing!

    Please join us again Thursday at:
    The HomeAcre Hop


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